The Journey Home


Does anyone know where I can get an archive video of The Journey Home. I’m tryin to find the episode of that show with the Former Charismatic Episcopal Priest. I can’t remember his name. But I would like to know where I can download previous episodes of The Journey Home. Thank yall!! :slight_smile:


You must be referring to Mike Cumbie?

Only the Audio is downloadable.


oh no. it was mike crumbie. thanks for that. i found another one tho. his name is James Pinto. and he is a former Charismatic Episcopal Priest. I want the video or audio clip of him on The Journey Home. I want to hear it, becuase I am involved with the Charismatic Episcopal Church. Thank yall!

The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi


Mike Cumbie is a former Charismatic Episcopal Priest as well.


sweet! im listenin to it right now :slight_smile: this is very interesting. thank you :slight_smile:

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