The joy of confession


How beautiful is the Sacrament of Joy, being able to begin again with God, with each confession!

Do we have gratitude for Confession?
Do we approach as if it is the first, last, and only Confession?
Do we pray for the priest on the other side of the screen?
Do we prepare well, deeply, going to the root of our motives in our actions?



I liked that you brought up “…going to the root of our motives in our actions.” That’s been difficult for me to learn, instead of simply listing my sins, to ask myself what is it, what is the basic flaw.

Once those root motives are identified it is a little easier to work on what’s wrong.

Thank you.


I always make it a point after confession to pray for the priest who just gave me absolution. I didn’t always do this, but started it some months ago and figured it is a good habit.


We ought to, we ought to, we ought to and we ought to! Wonderful!


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