The Joyful Mysteries: The pro-life perspective of each

The Annunciation we rejoice in the creation of every human being and in the power of the Holy Spirit

The Visitation Pregnancy is not a disease, it is a blessing to be celebrated

**The Nativity ** The birth of every child is certainly a miracle and a celebration of creation

**The Presentation in the Temple ** We acknowledge our stewardship of children and our blessed duty of presenting every person to God

**The Finding of Jesus in the Temple ** We pray for all children who are lost, sick, abandoned, abused, or feel unwanted, because each life is precious.

In The Lord’s Prayer and in the Hail Mary we use the pronoun “us” – let that mean that we pray for the whole world - deliver “us” from evil.


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The Presentation is also an occasion (as Pope Francis reminds us, speaking of Simeon and Anna) to respect the elderly and what they can contribute to our lives, rather than seeing them as “taking up space” or “better off dead”.

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