The joys of teaching children


One of my young students just brought me a box of valentine cookies. I opened them up, and there were several broken cookies inside the box. He told me “these are the broken ones no one else wanted.”:slight_smile:

Well, it’s more than my husband has given me today.:frowning:



My husband hasn’t given me anything either. I really don’t mind. I was in tears the other day and he held me and told me that if I really wanted to have one more child, we could try again after the doctor gives me a clean bill of health. Just this last week, he was willing to sell one of his favorite guns to get enough money to fix the vehicle I drive. I know a favorite gun isn’t much to most people, but this is a police officer we are talking about. This man has heald me for hours upon hours this year while I have greived over the deathes of two unborn children. I know he loves me dearly and I don’t really care if I get a Valentine. Anything he would get me, would have to be paid for and we are broke anyway.LOL

I hope in some way your husband shows you he loves you today. I will say a prayer that St. Valentine will put a bug in his ear.:wink:


Thank you. And I’m praying for you guys, too.


at lunch today every guy in the restaurant was on the cell phone with his buddies
what should I get her?
what did you get her?
what did she say?
should I have them delivered at her work?

back at the courthouse in the jury room:
all the women were complaining about how much money their guys spent on flowers (they wither and die, we could have fixed the car with that money, why doesn’t he ever ask me what I want, b–tch, b–h, b—h)
all the guys were like, is there any way to make you gals happy?

in the parking lot when they let us out is a guy selling roses and red balloons out of the back of his truck, he had a line of customers a mile long, he will make a mint tonite.


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