The JW's lump Catholics and Protestants in with "Cults"


I found this interesting that the Watchmen lump Roman **Catholics **in with Ro-Hun Therapy. ??? Here is a link that have the Jehovah witness watchmen describing Roman Catholics under their list of “cults”.

**Also listed as a cult is “Christianity”. **Funny I thought Catholics were Christians but anyway.

In the definition of Christianity they accuse the following of being a cult:

Gospel, Born Again, Fundamental Christianity, Evangelical Christianity, Protestant Christianity, Orthodox Christianity, Roman Catholicism, Salvation by Grace, Salvation by Works.

Also considered as a cult on the same list with Catholicism and Christianity is the “Church of E Yada di Shi-ite” which consists of New Age, channeling, and UFO contactees.

So Catholics and Protestants apparently we are both a cult. I will be sure to have my white nikes ready for the next comet that comes around.


God bless,


So Eastern Rite Catholics don’t even get an honorable mention???


The JWs are the biggest cult of all!


You can tell that they think we are all heathens by the way they beat on our doors trying to “convert” us;)


Wow, talk about the “Pot calling the Kettle black”!

We really need to pray for these poor misguided souls. :frowning:

God Bless!


Hmmmm…for many years I was a Unitarian Universalist. Did the JWs forget to mention THAT organization?:rolleyes:


I remember when JWs used to run from Catholics. Well, maybe not run, but walk away very quickly.

Knock Knock, “Hello,” whatever they wanted to talk to you about.

“No, Thank you, I am Catholic.”

Most of the time, I didn’t even get a “goodbye.”

Whatever we were before to them, a cult is better. At least now they will talk to us. And let us talk to them.


They know thats how all of Christianity feels. So now they give it right back. :yawn:



How do you know you have angered a Unitarian Universalist extremist group?
Someone burns a question mark in your yard:D


This does not appear to be a JW site as it also list the JWs as a cult. You might be confusing the Watchmen with the JWs “Watchtower”


Just to be fair to the watchmen (whoever they may be) The list does say list of Cults **and **Religions.

Just my two cents, but I just looked at the title and the Roman Catholic section.:confused:


Yeah. You guys are just also-rans.

I mean, along with “Christians” you believe in all that false teaching, like that the soul is immortal, and that God is, y’know: God.



I really wish I didn’t have a mouthful of ice-cream when I read that! :smiley:


Hey, I just figured they’re were the only true Christians, since they’re not a cult (though everything else is apparently).

Let’s hear it for the Eastern Catholics! They’re not a cult! :thumbsup:


I don’t think that’s a JW site–the JWs are listed on it as a cult.


Eastern Catholics I believe would go under Orthodox Christianity, for they are Orthodox Christians in communion of Rome. They are not Roman Catholics though.

The Eastern Catholics follow Orthodox Christianity while in communion with Rome. Isn’t that wonderful?:wink:

We are at least in union with some of our Eastern brothers already.


this post was edited as the site mentioned by the OP is not a witness site.

“God bless, Jon”

And God bless you as well.


Its not a JW website.

Click on the link “About Us”

What’s in a name?
Our name, Watchman Fellowship, is often confused with the Watchtower Society title used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, we are in no way affiliated with them. Our name is taken from the Old Testament book of the Bible, Ezekiel.


good for clarifying that.


From the “about us” section at the watchmen site:

What’s in a name?

Our name, Watchman Fellowship, is often confused with the Watchtower Society title used by the Jehovah’s Witnesses. However, we are in no way affiliated with them.

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