The Kerygma


We all keep hearing about “the kerygma” from our priests, bishops, and even Pope Francis. For those who don’t know, “kerygma” is a Greek word for “proclamation” and refers to the basic message of the Catholic Faith, the message that is supposed to Evangelize people, make them want to learn more about Catholicism.

I’ve heard several slightly different versions from different Catholics (agreeing, of course on the essence of the kerygma, but wording things quite differently).

Here is how I present it (two versions) when given an opportunity to do so by the H.Spirit.

The Least Every Catholic Needs to Know

But I was wondering how do you present the Faith quickly to someone when called upon to do so? Do you use a version of the Kerygma? Do you recite the Apostle’s Creed? Use a parable from Jesus? Quote John 3:16? Do you preach the Gospel, using words only when necessary? Something else entirely?

We’re all called to be apart of the New Evangelization, so what do you have at the ready when the opportunity presents itself?


First, excellent blog piece. Very cogent.

As for me, I think it depends entirely on the situation. I’ve never had the opportunity to share the gospel with someone who hasn’t heard it, or think they’ve heard it. If I have only a second, I usually start with a quick (internal) prayer, affirm where we can agree, and then end with a question in the hope of drawing them out. If I have the presence of mind, that is!


Asking questions is always a great way to go :thumbsup:

  1. I listen, or try to listen, to their concerns, what they already know, what questions they have. It’s a whole lot easier to answer a question and hit the target, than to simply throw out stuff and hope it makes sense.

  2. There are some good materials in the Bible: you mention John 3:16, but also helpful is Acts 10:36-43, a brief synopsis of the Gospel. It covers the same points as found in your blog, as far as I see.

  3. Remember also the most important factor: your own living witness is the best way. “Preach the Gospel always. When needed, use words.”


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