The King James of 1611

I hear that the King James of 1611 have the same number of books like the catholic bible … So my question is when did the books get removed that of Sirach, Judith, tobit 1&2 macc. wisdom, burach, and the additions to daniel and esther from the protestant bible and who did it???

The King James of 1611 did have these books. There are some scans out there on the web of an actual existing 1611 Bible showing this too. The 7 books (the deuterocanonical books) were included in the 1611 King James, however, they were placed in an an appendix called “Apocrypha”, which basically meant these books were not divinely inspired, although useful for personal spiritual growth.

The books remained in Protestant Bibles in this way until the Bible Societies of the 19th century. I believe they began in England, and they realized they could save money by printing the books without the so-called Apocrypha, and so they removed them altogether. This has resulted in a few generations of Protestants completely unaware of the history of these books.

You can get details and references for this story in Gary Michuta’s book Why Catholic Bibles Are Bigger. :o

I herd that King James left out alot of Books that he didnt want in where is there a book like the original first ones they made? any duplicates made? where ? I would rather buy one than read it on the web Thank You Nancy:)

Also do you or anyone remember the old Missils the church had years ago? What happened to them?:slight_smile: Nancy

Actually the original King James Version, as well as other early Protestant bibles such as the Geneva Bible, had more books than the Catholic bible since they included 1 Esdras, 2 Esdras and the Prayer of Manasseh.

1, 2 Esdras are our 3 and 4 Esdras. Those 3 books were included in the original Clementine Vulgate. (not the original Vulgate itself)

I love my 1611 KJV I have from Hendrickson. I especially love figured out the older spelling and reading the Apocrypha in it. Beautiful language and style.

Pre Vatican II missals are available and recommended as the Extraordinary Form of the Mass is making a comeback due to the return to orthodoxy that is needed. A 1962 Catholic Missal is available from Amazon or any Catholic bookstore. The Church being more orthodox may make some upset, but at some point being less orthodox leads one to perdition. Where that point is I don’t know, I just don’t want to be too close to it. More reverence in the worship service, like the Latin Mass, is a good thing.

The rejection of the deutero-canonical books is like the rest of the Churches “not in union with Rome” doctrine. One day approved, the next day rejected. Abortion, birth control, divorce, are not doctrines applied to the teaching of the revealed Word of God but what the majority of the people want to do at a given time. Pray for them.:signofcross:

Get the Douay-Rheims Bible, same poetic style and no “faith alone” additions.:thumbsup: ( if “faith alone” isn’t in that version of the KJ Bible, pls excuse me. I still would stick to a more overtly Catholic version myself)

You can buy the 1962 Roman Missal from Angelus Press and Baronius Press as well

I work in a Christian bookstore and a customer came up to me and asked if we had a KJV 1611 bible without the apocrypha. I explained that in 1611 that is what the bible was and the books were removed later. She told me she thought those books were added by Catholics and Catholics weren’t Christians. So, I had to tell her that I was Catholic and Christian and explained a little about the Reformation to her. She then came after me and attacked me and caused me to defend myself on several of the false accusations you always hear towards the Catholic church. I thought I answered them all pretty well and she apparently wasn’t expecting those answers. She just responded that I had an answer for everything. I told her they weren’t answers, they were the truth but she still was convinced that I didn’t have Jesus as my Savior and I just had to walk away from her.

You were a lot braver than I would have been. I would have had to have someone else handle the customer

This is a call for you to now work on your bravery! The more we let others do what we should stand up and proclaim as dictated by Catholic teaching, then we let the likes of the pro-choise and women-priest sects of Catholics enter our parishes. The misinformation of those with erronous views (both Catholic and not) can be countered by those knowledgeable in authentic teaching. It also feels good to help those who are in error, no matter if they except in or not, if it is done in a humble manner. That lady is missing out on 7 books of the Word of God!

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