The Kingdom of God is Like


Can anyone elaborate on the book titled The Kingdom of God is Like
written by Thomas Keating…is the book sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church.

thank you


There have been other threads on this board dealing with Thomas Keating (the “centering prayer” guy, not to be confused with another author with the same last name). What I know of his ideas is that they are OK - but just barely. It wouldn’t take much for him to be categorized as a fringe kook, and his writings are often used (or mis-used) by fringe kooks, as they are easily adapted to kookiness.

But this is what I’ve heard from others. I haven’t read his stuff myself.


Keating’s web site has the whole book online at:

I read his newsletters, but I haven’t read much in his books. I have listened to many hours of his tapes on various subjects from the spiritual journey to Mary. I think I have a decent feel for what he says, but I haven’t been keeping up with him anymore except I still get a lot of jokes through email from our local CO rep. :stuck_out_tongue:



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