The Kingdom of God


The Kingdom of God is a mystical union between God and man. It is where man can serve God in obediance in both his heart and his actions by serving Jesus in all he or she meets. All work, play, and actions are for Jesus and to Jesus.

The Jews of God, before Jesus, did not have this gift. They could love God with all of their hearts. They could feel the joy of God in their hearts. They could serve God in their hearts. In their actions however, although motivated for God could not be to God. Instead even though properly motivated they were to people or to tasks.

Jesus came as a light to this world. His coming to this earth brought God into our realm so that we can, serve God both in our hearts and in our actions to Him. Now with God in our realm as Jesus, we can serve Jesus (who is God) in everyone we meet.

As written in John 3:21. “But he who practices the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be manifested as having been wrought of God.”

Jesus is the light of the world, where we can make our physical service to God in line with our hearts, that are for God.

This is eternal life. This is the Kingdom of God. God is in His proper place as ruler and we serve He, who is Love for Others.

God through our service to Him is able to work in our bodies and our bodies become the body of Christ. What an honour. What a privilage. So much meaning.

Love is King. Love is Good. Love is God.


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