The Kippah/Yarmukle?

Just wondering the history/customs of Jewish men regarding the Kippah?

The kippah is a sign of reverence and humility toward G-d indicating that He is above us and with us at all times. It is particularly worn by men and some women during prayer and by Orthodox Jewish men at almost all times to remind them of their obligation toward G-d and not to stray from that obligation. Women are thought to have less of a tendency to stray and therefore do not require that reminder so much as men. Interestingly, the kippah is not commanded to be worn in either Torah or Talmud, but it nonetheless is customary, particularly in the Orthodox Jewish community. It is also worn during prayer by Conservative Jews and, increasingly, even by Reform Jews in the synagogue. It was once fashionable among the Modern Orthodox to wear mini-kippahs; however, according to my childhood rabbi, this defeats the purpose since most of the head is not covered by this kind of kippah.

I, personally, find this to be a beautiful tradition in Judaism. I find it quite beautiful and rich.

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