The Knights Templar


I recently got a reference book on the knights templar (it was on sale for like 4 bucks at borders) and it is a very nice book. But it goes into the theories surrounding the knights templar. Among the theories is that they were athiests, pagans, devil worshippers, keepers of Jesus’s secret bloodline, etc. Has the Church taken any stance on what it believes the knights templar were? I mean has there been any official answer saying that they were/were not devil worshippers etc.?


Go to the link provided at the Catholic Answers home page for the Catholic Encyclopedia:

Those books are churned out every so often. They seem to belong to the fiction section (with UFOs and the Angel Moroni and the Golden Tablets and the Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot and a balanced Federal Budget).

Don’t waste your time on this one. Kiss the 4 bucks goodbye.

Pax Christi



Well aside from the theories, it does have a nonfiction viewpoint. It just acknowledges the theories existence.


The Knights Templar were a legitimate Catholic order of knights. Not heretical, satanic, wiccan, or anything else that is not orthodox Catholicism.


you could try the actual historical record on the topic rather than sensationalist books, programs and web sites. this has also been discussed many times here, do a search to find some good links.


The knights templars i have read was searching for the final teaching of Kabbalah… Spiritual teaching on an advanced scale…
Dont know how true that is but it if it is true then they realy made an impact with it…


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