The Labouré Society

I have been hearing about this society from people and men and women that want to become nuns or priests. It seems like a good soceity and idea, but I wonder, with all the huge loans, some have over 100,000 :bigyikes: what happens when after discerning a year or few years, they don’t follow that route and many helped pay off their loans?

I want to support vocations when I can but I worry that this might be used by some to pay off loans and then find it’s not right for them. I also understand why religous groups can’t pay them off either. I heard of seminaries (second hand) that will help but you pay some of your loans back , but if you leave, you owe them, which seems fair but I don’t know how many could do that.

Does anyone have experience with them?

ps, I just found this link which helps

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