The Lady of Borg in-Nadur


Have you heard about this?

Have you heard about this?

Borg in-Nadur, Birzebbuga - Malta (2006)

Angelik, member of Theotokos, is a visionary and stigmatist who since 21 April 2006 has been seeing the Mother of God to whom she gives her messages. Angelik also suffers the pain of the stigmata. Everthing started when a statue of the Immaculate Conception wept tears of blood in his house on 23 January 2006.


What on earth does “member of Theotokos” mean?

Also, bearing the stigmata in and of itself means nothing.

Furthermore, these fora ban discussion or propogation of unapproved revelations, visions, and devotions.


:o At first I thought this was a joke… Lady of Borg… Resistance is futile and all that…

Anyway, I did a quickie search on The Miracle Hunter: According to them no decision has been made.

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