The Lard is my Shortening


“The Official Hideout for Those Tired of Forum Bickering. Cause’ Every Poster Needs A Break” :wink:

Why do woman like shoes?
Isn't the teaching on becoming one with your God. a teaching and belief . that if you eat him you will change your DNA?

Serving pie :pie:


Got plenty of Nutella too :yum:



Must have Fruitcake.


Mmmm :yum: nicely aged I hope

Curmudgeons Episode VIII The Last Java



Excellent! Served in our awesome lounge :sunglasses: Full service bar too…


Omigosh! I :sparkling_heart: Fruitcake!


Ooooooo!!! Hmmmmm what do I want to drink???


Here are the scented candles.

Image result for scented candles gif


Tea of course! China black like Keemun if you want a 17th-18th century ambience, India if you want a later Dickensian/Victorian one, not Darjeeling which is wine-like and delicate, but perhaps a Golden Assam which since it has fruity notes itself will complement and enhance a robust fruitcake. . .


Ahh… Just in time :slight_smile: sigh. "Liking " all posts so far.


Just to add a little flavor to the proceedings, some bacon scented candles.

Image result for bacon scented candle


I do like my 17-18th century ambience!!! :coffee:


Yes, although there is a lot to be said for the 19th century and ‘afternoon tea’ (which is NOT the same as high tea, a working class supper meal that one). The 17th and 18th centuries did not have afternoon tea, tea was served more in the evening after dinner, unless you were Dr. Johnson who drank about 30 cups a day (I love that man). Some people did like tea in the morning but more in those centuries either followed the French habit of drinking chocolate and that wasn’t the hot chocolate of today, or the earlier English habit of a nice morning ALE, and I don’t mean ginger. NOT plain water and not much milk (used more for cheese and cooking). Tisanes were also very popular; herbal drinks and flower drinks, what we call herb teas today.


I had no idea…thank you for the knowledge you have passed!


Tres leches.


Let us never forget our Metamucil :yum: I had mine tonight!


Rofl!!! That is great


I’m hoping it helps my stomach. Supposedly good for IBS :slightly_smiling_face:

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