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There is a book by Evangelical Hank Hannegraff regarding The Book of Revelation and, in a fictional format, teaches his view of eschatology. It does not sound like the ever popular pre-trib dispensationalist view within evangelicalism today and sounds to me to be “closer” to the Catholic view. I’m sure it’s not the Catholic view entirely. Is anybody familiar with this book and how it might compare to Catholic teaching on end times?

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Picked this up last weekend - only have a few chapters down so far (busy week) - but, so far it has held my interest… not GREAT literature, but, not that Left Behind tripe either.


I rather enjoyed this book, although as the previous poster said, it’s not great literature (although almost anything is better written than the “Left Behind” series). There are lots of interesting characters, some fictional some based on historical figures, but the dialgue is stilted in some places and the expository sections where characters spend several paragraphs explaining salvation history and theology are so contrived as to make me audibly sigh. The theology as it addresses the Book of Revelation is definitely not of the deeply flawed “Left Behind”/Pre-Trib variety and is, so far, indeed closer to the Catholic view in that the Book of Revelation is primarily referring to events that occured in the first century.

I say “so far” since this book is the first in a series (two more expected, I believe). Because of that, I would hesitate to recommend it to other Catholics until I see how the other books come out. Plus the book concludes with a plug for CRI, the co-author’s organization that promotes some erroneous ideas of Catholic teaching.


I haven’t read the book yet but I am glad to see Hank take the position he has. Not that he is definately right (I have not studied eschatology enough to have a solid opinion) but he has made many in the evangelical world take another look at this issue. Hank’s opinion carries a lot of weight and I think many were shocked when he came out against a pre-trib rapture. At any rate, it is forcing many of us to “dig into” the Word of God a little deeper and that is always a good thing.


Hi all. Has anybody read “The Apocalypse Code”, also by Hank. Any thoughts on it?



No, but I used to listen to his program and I remember him (or someone on it) defending the “post-trib” view by, among other things, citing pre-Reformation theologians. So it would appear that he regards the more traditional nature of his eschatology as a plus.



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