The last Gloria until it's Christmas time


…except on December 8th.

Oh how I miss the Gloria during Advent and Lent.

One year ago, I was already missing the Gloria at this time, and had mentioned it to my husband. I was also grieving for my uncle, a very holy man, who had just passed on to his great reward.

In a few short hours, God gave me so many signs of my own “Gloria”, in ways that even I couldn’t miss. Shortly before returning a computer, I saw a license plate that said “Gloria”…I went inside and was rewarded not only with a new computer, but an extra $20 or so (maybe more? I can’t recall). I decided to eat at the restaurant across the street…and saw an elderly couple who seemed to be concerned with their check. I tried to give the waitress money for their bill anonymously, but she told them anyway. The elderly woman’s name? GLORIA!

God is so good to us; praise You Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of the world!


We make up for it (and it becomes more meaningful) at Christmas and Easter.


I know. :slight_smile: It’s just one of my favorite prayers during Mass. :slight_smile:


The Gloria and the Te Deum, in my opinion, constitute the two “bright wings” of the solemn liturgies of both the Mass and the Office. Both are taken away from our embrace during these “quiet” seasons of Advent and Lent. It is a time to reflect on the condition of humanity before we knew the full glory of God in Jesus Christ, the incarnate Word

By the deprivation of our beloved hymns of glory, we recognize the fact that the celebration of the full knowledge of Christ in the contemporary era (post-Pentecost) has to give way to a remembrance of the days when our race did not know Him. We have to slow down and look back to the meaning of the exodus and the long waiting of the Prophets and all the righteous of Israel. It is good to be taught again why we hold our Faith.

Without the “un-Glorious” seasons, we would probably forget our own history as the Bride of Christ. We are Israel, the beloved of God, and we must know the agony of waiting in order to appreciate that once more! It makes the return of the TE DEUM and the GLORIA all the more amazing, when Christ finally does appear, both from the blessed womb and from the blessed Tomb. Our liturgical wings return to us, and we soar up to the joy of the Truth.


Hmmm… Was that (collectively unconsciously) why the 1980s song “Gloria” was so popular??? :):):slight_smile:



Click, click… :slight_smile:***[/LEFT]


Pax Christi!

G-L-O-R-I-A Gloria!


God bless!


In my parish we also have it on 6 December when we celebrate the dedication of our church.


You really don’t remember;

Was it something that they said,

Or the voices in your head,

Calling GLORIA!!!




I think there was another one which the Shadows of Knight sung. '65 maybe, written during Advent maybe. :smiley:


Minor quibble but the Te Deum is sung on Sundays of Advent. It’s only during Lent that it isn’t sung on Sundays (but is on feasts and solemnities that fall during Lent).

What really rips me is that this past Sunday was the last solemn Salve Regina after Compline until after Pentecost (unless you’re Cistercian… they sing the Salve Regina year round). That’s a heck of a long time to be without my favourite antiphon :frowning:


If you’re in the Americas, the Gloria will also be sung on Dec 12 as the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated as a feast, not just a memorial.


Thanks. Don’t know how I forgot that one. :o


However, the parish I attend during the week will pray the Gloria and not sing it. I think most parishes in my area will have the same.


Yes, there will be a Gloria on Dec. 8. And here in the Philippines it will be sung in the early morning hours of Dec. 16-24 (Misa de Gallo) and the late night hours as well (Simbang Gabi)


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