The Last Meal

I recall that;whilst having separate bedrooms during the 4 mths of divorce proceedings,the only time my wife spoke,was when the phone rang for me.Neither were there any meals etc.,tho’ we’d agreed an amicable split.I’d become a lodger in my own home! I’d arranged for her to remain in the home,while i’d get part of the equity in the value of the home;then i’d move out.The night before my departure,my wife asked me if i wanted any washing done & to have breakfast with her,the next day.It felt like part of a ritual-process where the condemned person;gets their last meal.It was the final part;where i’d sign over my keys & deeds to the home,to her lawyer.He’d then write me a cheque.Anyone had a similar experience?

At least you had a last meal. The treatment I got was a lot harsher and more abusive. Be thankful for what you had.

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