The Last Pope? An American History Channel documentary


I’ve been watching a History Channel documentary about Papal prophecies that our current Holy Father May be the last. One of the things it alleges is that the Catholic Church is very much divided. Another thing is that what if the Third Secret Of Fátima has yet to happen. I don’t see a lot of division in the Church; but I could be wrong. I’m not sure about the Third Secret. Y’all’s thoughts?


Huh, usually they air these “documentaries” around Christmas and Easter.

Honestly, there’s very little substance to these. It’s a way to fill up screen time and sell ad space while invoking a reliable bogeyman, especially in the US: the Catholic Church.


I admit, the History Channel is anti Church in my opinion. But why paint the Church as a bogeyman?


For ratings.

The Church (and Church trappings) are very alluring and mystical. American history tends toward anti-Catholic sentiment. Seems perfect for a TV show to me. 🤷


Hmmm. But, the Church isn’t a bogeyman. It’s been a good defender of Christian morality in a paganizing world. Conservatism with a heart; so to speak. Something I’m going to have to warn my Philippine fiancé is that America is a Protestant country with an Anti Catholic streak.

In fact: Part of my conversion to the Church has been the mysticism.


I’m currently watching it. Amazing mixture of -er- stuff. Typical of what you find on the history channel though. Lots of half truths. Did you know indulgences were fees charged by the Church to help Catholics absolve sins? Fr. MIke is even quoted a few times.

If you’re looking for entertainment, it’s ok. If you’re looking for accuracy, wellll… … …


Lol; I agree. The part about indulgences was a half truth and so was the… stuff about Martin Luther. Ugh. Once my kids grow up, I want to retire to the Philippines with my fiancé, after we’re married of course; and live in a Catholic country with good values.


I don’t think the Church is an actual bogeyman. I think The History Channel finds it a convenient institution to play that role in their programming.

Just so’s we’re clear: I don’t think this program is worth yours or anybody’s time.


Yeah, you’re right. It’s like watching Ancient Aliens. Good entertainment but no edifying value.


Switch the channel to EWTN, problem solved.


ok there is a great way to test this theory that Holy Father Pope Francis is the last Pope,

He is 81, within 9 years he will be retired. I am sure. So just wait.
If you think there is any truth in it,


NOW!!! don’t wait


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