The Last Pope? on History Channel


The cable network that brought great shows as The Men Who Built America and terrible ones like Ancient Aliens, will present The Last Pope Question Mark.

A hidden propesy buried deep under the Vatican, even lower than the Ark of the Covenant and Walt Disney’s frozen head lies a scroll stating that our current pope will bring about the…

End of the Catholic Church

And the world

I’m not watching it, but are any of you guys… hyped?


Not in the least. Sounds like they’re talking about the long-discredited St. Malachy “prophecies” fraud.

(Which, by the way, is an unapproved alleged private “revelation,” and as such not to be discussed further under forum rules.) Sorry if that puts an end to your thread. :wink: Unless you can find out the show is actally about something else?


I am sure that particular poster(s) on the forum who have brought up this topic many times - and been told it’s an unapproved private revelation many times - will be watching with great interest.

I plan to ignore this like I ignore 99 percent of all tv.


I don’t really watch much TV… I do like NCIS though… This sounds disgusting to me, so I wouldn’t watch it if someone paid me.


There is a reason it is known as “The Heresy Channel”.


Well, I suppose technically the last Pope will bring about the end of the Church…

At the end of time.


The Pope is 81, if you think there is anything in this, just wait a few years.

But in the meantime and even if you thought there was nothing in this

give up your pirating days and get close to God


I think the show sounds bunk, hence my wry description of it. I just feel that so many groups are hopping on the evil Catholic hidden prophesy train, ever since the DaVinci Code. This time in documentary format.

Also, I’m most likely not really a pirate.


you don’t have a parrot and an eye patch?


Only on special occasions


I saw the ad on tv for the program and it sounded like a National Enquirer story. So much stupid.


st malachy’s prophecy

opinion discarded


I watched it and wasted 2 hours of my time. I thought it was a lot of B—S--- If I can say that on the forum.
You all who didn’t watch are the smart ones. Oh well–live and learn.


Indeed, St. Malachy’s prophecy is bunkum.



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