The last pope to celebrate the tridentine mass

Which pope was the last to celebrate the traditional latin mass?

The last Pope to celebrate the old rite as Pope would’ve been Paul VI.

The last Pope to celebrate it before becoming Pope was Benedict XVI. Francis was ordained after the new rite was in force, and to my knowledge there is no record of him ever celebrating the old Mass.



The last Pope to celebrate the traditional Latin mass was Pope Francis.

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(The last pope to celebrate the tridentine mass)

See the post above yours. I think Father knows.
Unless of course you are able to substantiate your comment somehow.

This is when Pope Francis celebrated the mass in the extraordinary form.

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Nope – Pope Francis celebrated ordinary form in Latin, but it was not the 1962 Extraordinary Form. Read the comments to your blog post.

Really our present Pope has never celebrated the Mass in Latin? That is interesting. Father is ANY Latin required to be taught in Seminaries today?

OOPs just saw your post poche.

Article says parts of the Mass were celebrated in latin. Not a TLM as the OP asked.

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