The Last Resort--Anyone else watching?

Is anyone else watching The Last Resort?

This is an excellent show and I personally think that Christians need to get behind it. All too often we criticize “godless TV” or even boycott television altogether. But this show is awesome, and if we all watched it, the networks (cable and public) would get the idea and make more shows that include a God-centered point of view and depict religion in a positive way.

There are many evidences that Christians are involved in the making of this show.

The writer/producer is a man, Shawn Ryan, who grew up in my city and graduated from the same school that my kids graduated from. He was the writer of The Shield and The Unit. I never watched The Shield (no cable), but heard that it was pretty gritty. But The Unit was great, and had a very God-centered worldview, which is what I think so much of television and movies misses.

I urge you to give Last Resort a try, but you really need to go back and watch the first episode to get the setting. Basically, the U.S. has apparently been taken over by a new President and government. The commander of the Colorado, a nuclear sub, receives an order to bomb Pakistan, but the order doesn’t come through the proper channels with the proper checks, so the Captain refuses the order. Then the sub is fired upon by another American sub, and the Captain is declared “rogue” and “traitor.” He and his crew find an island (their “last resort”) and set up a headquarters there, threatening to blow up anyone who messes with them.

Is the Captain right, and the U.S. is under the control of an evil government (that’s what we all think!)? Or is the Captain wrong, and he really is a traitor? What’s the truth here?!

I’ve seen several evidences that the show has a God-centered viewpoint. Last week, after a particularly tragic occurrence, the Captain was shown in his quarters reading the Bible–wow. How long has it been since you’ve even seen a Bible on television, let alone one that is being read?

Another “evidence” is the name of the female lieutenant–Grace Shepherd. Even the critics are saying that this name is too much, and they should have just come out and named her Jesus Christ. Well, I think that’s rude, but it’s typical of critics who do NOT have a God-centered viewpoint.

Finally, my favorite actor (Robert Patrick) is in the show, and he makes it a point to be involved with shows that present religion in a positive way! He plays the patriotic COB on the show, and he believes that the Captain is a traitor. But he also continues to obey the Captain. But he makes it clear that he’s only hanging around to be able to testify against the Captain at his treason trial. To me, this character is symbolic of many Christians, especially Catholics, who continue to be loyal to the Church even though a number of the priests have betrayed Jesus and the Church by their involvement in sexual sin with children and teenagers. But many of these Catholics are not exactly sure if they are doing the right thing or not.

MOST of the critics are hailing Last Resort as one of the best of the season, so I have high hopes that it will survive.

Please give it a watch!

This is the first time I’ve heard of this show, but reading up on it, it sounds very interesting! I’ll definitely watch this one! :thumbsup:

I am now i didn’t know he wrote The Unit the ABC ads should have said that The Unit was AWESOME (shame they cancelled it :()

What network is it on?

Honestly I don’t watch tv and there’s not much out there to tempt me to change that. The plot wouldn’t hold my interest for too long maybe as a movie it might work but as a tv show I would get bored with it fast but as I said I don’t watch tv anyway.

I saw the advertisements for the show and from what you described of the show I have even less desire to watch it.

“Rogue” military men vs. “big, bad, evil government”? I know this will sound crass, but it sounds like pleasurable soft porn for people who belong underground militia groups:D

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