The last super and the Eucharist

Was the lasat super the first Eucherest, or not?

Yes, the Last Supper was the first Eucharist. Yes, the first Eucharist was the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, of Christ under the appearance of bread and wine. Yes, the Last Supper/First Eucharist was, miraculously, the UNBLOODY sacrifice of the Cross–even though that sacrifice did not take place until the next day. And yes, that Last Supper -First Eucharist is celebrated every day, in every Catholic church throughout the world, and is that very same sacrifice and sacrament, every single time.

God bless.

Yes thank you, my only question was because Christ had not died on the cross yet.

I figured. Really it is the same as considering Mary’s salvation. Mary was conceived without sin–now really, the only way this could be done was if Christ had already died for her. But he hadn’t even be born–nor had she.

Somebody explained it to me this way. Imagine there is a big patch of quicksand straight ahead. A man walks into the patch–and you throw him a rope and pull him out. You have saved him. (This is Jesus dying on the cross for all the people. .except Mary .the ones born before His life on earth, born during, and born after. Every one of these people, due to original sin, was stuck in that quicksand from birth–and every one was pulled out).

Now, imagine another man walking toward the quicksand. You grab him away from the patch before he walks into it. He is saved too, right? If you hadn’t stopped him, he would have gone into the patch, right? He didn’t save HIMSELF, right? (This is Jesus dying on the cross for Mary–before either He, or she, was even conceived).

So. . .Jesus died for us on Good Friday. . .but he offered that same sacrificial body and blood on HOLY THURSDAY. . .and He continues to offer it every single day in hundreds and thousands of Churches for the last 2000 years.

It’s a mystery. I hope it is LESS of a mystery after I’ve run off my mouth–if it isn’t, blame my lack of skill. :slight_smile:

Okay, thanks alot sorry

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