The Last Supper

I heard an interesting report on EWTN this morning that was sort of a human interest story. The report stated that over the years, the artistic renditions of the Last Supper has changed in relation to the food. All that sacred scripture mentions is bread and wine being present. In different depictions there has existed bread, wine, meat, fish, eel, and fruits. The size of the dishes has increased over the years as well, generally becoming larger. I mentioned all of this to ask this question: The meal was the passover meal. Isn’t that the Seder meal? If it was the Seder meal, isn’t there prescribed items that need to be present? Discuss.:hmmm:

It depends on which Gospel you’re reading. Matthew, Mark, and Luke are convinced that it was a Seder (with Good Friday being the 1st day of Passover), thus we can easily discern the menu. John is convinced it was not (with Holy Saturday being the 1st day of Passover), So it would have been a 1st century Jewish meal, but not a Seder. In this case, they might have filled up on leavened bread because of Passover (with some of it being consecrated obviously).

can’t comment without some reference to some of these images over the years, who painted them, the cultural background in which the work was done, what the scene showed, and what was on the table, and what other symbolism was in other components. Do you have a link to the program?

The question, really, was more focused around Jewish custom and when was the Seder celebrated. The information about the depictions of the Last Supper only sparked the question. It is a question born of ignorance. Meaning I am unsure of the setting and customs relating to the Last Supper.

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While the Last Supper was set in the context of the Jewish Passover meal, one might find that the lamb is conspicuously absent in the older artistic renditions. However, upon closer examination, the Lamb is there, since the True Paschal Lamb, Jesus Christ, is at the heart of the Passover.

Here’s a link to the story with two images.

Last Supper

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