the last supper

i was recently challenged by someone that the bread and wine at the last supper couldn’t be jesus’ body and blood because he hadn’t be crucified yet.

i wasn’t really sure what to say so i said something along the lines that the crucifixion was a supernatural event that applied to all time therefore Christ could make that transformation. and well, he’s God, he can do anything he wants really.

is there a better explanation?

I heard John Carapi talk about this once, and he explained it as the Lord being eternal and outside of time, which made it possible only through Him, since time, whether past present or future has no limitations on Him.

Here is a good Church Father quote

Aphraahat the Persian Sage
“After having spoken thus [at the Last Supper], the Lord rose up from the place where he had made the Passover and had given his body as food and his blood as drink, and he went with his disciples to the place where he was to be arrested. But he ate of his own body and drank of his own blood, while he was pondering on the dead. With his own hands the Lord presented his own body to be eaten, and before he was crucified he gave his blood as drink” (Treatises 12:6 [A.D. 340]).

Yes, God is not bound by time. And others have shared good answers.

I would go in a bit more simple direction though: Christ *said *that the bread was “my body” and the wine was “my blood.” Whether or not we Christians can fully understand what that means or not, I think all Christians can/should agree to take Christ at his word!

That’s probably what I would say if one of my non-Catholic Christian friends challenged me on this particular subject. Obviously it won’t work on non-believers, since they likely won’t care what Christ said (or even believe in the accuracy of the scriptural account).

God bless!

Had Jesus resurrected by the time the Transfiguration occured? And yet we see that Moses and Elijah are present with Jesus in His glory and radiance. So how is this possible? Were they saved apart from Jesus’ sacrifice? Of course not. God is outside time, He created time. He can make His Body and Blood appear at any place and time He chooses.

If God can speak the Universe into existence then he surely can speak bread and wine into body and blood.

“But he ate of his own body and drank of his own blood…”

I don’t see this in any Gospel account. Is that Aphraahat’s idea?

Are we can take the words of Christ himself, “This is my body, which will be given for you; do this in memory of me.” And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood, which will be shed for you.”[Luke22:19-20]
With these words, Christ institutes the Eucharist.
The Church does teach that the Mass stands outside time. “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him” [John 6:56]. Many did not believe, but instead returned to their former way of life [John 6:66].

If it is true that we are participating in the same Mass…then the apostles were participating in ours.

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