'The Last True National Hero': John Glenn Dead at 95


Special report on NBC

May his memory be eternal. A true American hero



Rest in peace Mr Glenn.

He, Chuck Yeager and Bobby Orr were some of my greatest inspirations as a youngster. An overlooked talent these days!


Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the Mercy of God,
rest in peace.


A seminal figure, from an American perspective, growing up in Ireland and the UK though we learnt about the early Cosmonauts and Astronauts and considering the dreadful risks both went up against in the earl days of space flights it is amazing how many survived on into old age. The first woman in space is still alive for example and like John Glenn she too became a politician. Although as she was and still is a committed communist I imagine their outlooks would be very different. Although having said that a certain degree of stubbornness and iron will set many of the early cosmonauts and astronauts apart as to get into space was a massive challenge and required a lot of training and dedication.

Itt is sad but ineiitable that those who survived will slowly start to pass on over the next few years. Many are already gone , many in tragic accidents.

I am not sure about the idea of Gleen been the ‘last national hero’, people often come out with such statements but they are rarely if ever true. The last hero of certain type of a certain era perhaps.



Thank you for your military service:gopray2:

I remember being in grade school when he returned to space as the oldest person in space.


Presumably I would imagine one of the last astronauts living to have served in WW2. I note he was also the oldest man so far to travel into space looking at his life history.


Another one of “The Greatest Generation” lost. Praying for the repose of his soul & for his family.


May he rest in peace.


Rest in peace…


O God, please grant him eternal rest. Amen. :slight_smile:


Any one of his many achievements would have set him apart as a remarkable man. May he rest in peace.


Interesting bit of trivia on Glenn. He flew 149 combat missions during WW2 and the Korean War. His wingman during those missions was Boston Red Sox legend, Ted Williams. The two men remained lifelong friends.


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