The Last Valley

I recently saw the trailer for this 1971 film set during the Thirty Years War.

I got a lot of anti-religious undertones from the film, especially a scene where one of the main characters, Vogel, denounces not only the combatants in the war but belief in God in general. You can find the trailer on Youtube. Also, the Catholic priest character is apparently portrayed in a highly negative manner.

I was wondering if anyone else saw this movie and got the same impression from watching it as I got from the trailer. I realize the trailer isn’t always enough but hearing one of the main characters scream “THERE IS NO GOD” is enough for me to not want to see it.

Did some quick research, and the screen writer’s other works also air of anti-religion themes. They also all seem to stem from events based on his life, mainly of war.

I watched the film. It was nothing special, and it did have some kind of anti-religious tone, as I recall. Apparently, it’s based on a book, which was anti-war rather than anti-religious. From the sounds of it, if the movie had been adapted more faithfully from the source material it would have been better.

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