The Last Years of Pius XII

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this but for those who are interested to know this great and holy Pope, Pius XII, especially his last years, and get a “feel” of the atmosphere prior to Vatican II. It makes references to an apparition of Jesus which Pius XII saw at his bedside…

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Thanks for posting…but between 9:01-9:05 is that a technical sound? almost sounds like an eerie slow laugh???

What a fascinating film!! The beginning, which shows the canonization of Maria Gorretti is a wonderful piece of history.

Awesome video.

I just finished watching “Karol, a man become Pope” on YouTube. It has 5 parts and is well worth watching.

Actually, there are a lot of videos about the Popes in youtube. I saw one about Leo XIII, probably the earliest film footage of a Pope.

I saw that one! Excellent!

Pope Pius XII was not only misunderstood in life. Sadly, he was dishonored in death as well.

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Awesome! Sancto subito!

Awesome! Sancto subito!

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