The latest from our parish-playground drama

I was asking staff for advice, not the bishop for permission. noted nonetheless.

UPDATE: This is going no where. Made things a little uncomfortable for a while but I guess if we don’t come back next year the DRE should I have a good idea why; I’ll simply tell her we are not teaching next year(maybe even switch parishes, not sure yet).

I won’t be a RE teacher ever again. Too much hassle when there is no one else to rely on. Stresses out our kids because we are stressed. Clearly we are one of the only parents of young kids doing this because all the others know better, no fellowship benefit; most of them of pretty cold or turned off, it seems. We both felt bad for our twins teacher, because she is having a hard time, but none of the other parents help her; and we can’t since we have our own class. I really don’t like our church, ie; the people there.

I am still trying to grapple with why people are like that. They show up, bring their kid every week but just don’t want to do anything else. What’s the point? The basic obligation of “Well, they can receive Communion now, my job as a parent is done.”

Sorry to hear of your situation.
Our brand new playground, built for the school, is
locked whenever school is out. The crossing guards/maintenance guys patrol it and sometimes had to ask homeless people to leave; as many as a dozen were sleeping there previously. Risk of needles, etc was high.

Sadly in many parishes there is a complete disconnect between the school & parish. In fact in ours, the principal of the school & religious ed director often seem to disagree. I suspect the school principal doesn’t want non school children on playground / crazy!

Hope that there is some time to reflect on this.

The posters here have presented the valid reasons why a school may not want the playground open when school is not in session. Insurance, safety, accountability, even that some catechists may have turned teaching time into playground time.

Take a deep breath. If it is time for you to spend your volunteer time in a different ministry, that is normal, burnout happens and it is better to change ministries.

On the other hand, leaving your parish because you cannot use a swingset seems to be a bit of overreaction.

Pray, hope, don’t worry.

We are considering leaving because, after 2 years, we have no attachment to this parish; even with being volunteers. I tried to make that point plain in my last post.

Volunteers in lots of areas are often treated badly. That’s unfortunate, because volunteers are needed and should be respected. Lack of fellowship is disheartening, and can lead to loneliness. A Parish should be a community, and that goes for its school as well as its church. Too bad, but unfortunately, it seems like a common situation these days.

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