The Latest: Mayor resignation for racist post reply accepted


The Clay, West Virginia, Town Council has accepted the resignation of Mayor Beverly Whaling over her response to a racist post on Facebook about first lady Michelle Obama.

The council accepted Whaling’s resignation Tuesday without voting on the matter and said they plan to move quickly to name a replacement for the remaining three years of her term.

Council member Jason Hubbard issued a brief statement condemning the “horrific” post and said “racial intolerance isn’t what this community is about.” He apologized on behalf of the town to anyone who is offended, including Michelle Obama.

Whaling earlier apologized for her response to a post made by Clay County Development Corp. director Pamela Ramsey Taylor after Republican Donald Trump’s election as president. Taylor’s post said, “It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I’m tired of seeing a Ape in heels.”

Whaling responded: “Just made my day Pam.”

It’s sad the way some people view the world and other humans. Taylor is missing out on the enrichment, beauty and enjoyment of appreciating the diversity of human beings.


This was an astonishing story, that someone would make such a horrible comment and that an elected public official would endorse it.

There’s never been a classier First Lady than Mrs Obama, in my opinion.


I don’t share her politics, but I do agree she’s very personable and very classy. While her husband has aged a bit, poor man, she looks practically the same as 8 years ago.

Although she was before my time, I think Jackie Kennedy was very classy as well.

I liked Laura Bush too, she came across as charming.


Dolly Madison?


I didn’t go back far enough, did I? :smiley:


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