The Latest: Southern California fire expanding into forest



Where are they getting the resources to
fight these fires?

This is costing lots of money. Practically
the whole state is on fire.


I think the federal government is coming up with money. But it’s going to cost the state plenty, and that’s for sure.


You have no idea! Private companies make bank off these fires. There are government agencies that “manage” the fire, but it is often private fire fighting crews who contract to do the work. There are mobile catering trucks to feed the crews and staff. Generally a semi with a special trailer that transforms into a kitchen. The government pays then a contract price and buys the food. There are mobile showers, again a semi with a special trailer set up for showers. They contract private medical contractors for first aid.

These contractors get paid a lot of money and the government buys all the supplies. Once the fire is done or controlled, the government walks away leaving all the supplies there for the contractors to pick up and take.


we have hot shot crews here in Arizona who are probably over there. they have their own busses and trucks. sometimes they feed the crews at restaurants.
it is a lot of hard work. i would not want to
do it!


Are the California fires bigger or more numerous than 20 or 40 years ago?

Is suburban sprawl a factor increasing fires, or are they now more of a problem because humans and property are closer?

Is part of the problem the fact that so much water is diverted to the coastal areas? If that is true, it would seem desalinization is needed, and then retaining more water inland. They likely need reservoirs, to be built up in the non drought years.


Reservoirs are built in the drought years … when the ground is dry and construction is easier and then filled with water in the non-drought years.

Desalination plants have already been planned by locals … and then rejected by Governor Moonbeam and his “planners”. Previously discussed in detail here at CAF … do a search. 12 I think were planned.

San Diego FINALLY got one built.

click here google youtube desalination

Refer to him as Governor Moonbeam so as not to mix him up with his father who built a LOT of reservoirs.

Instead Governor Moonbeam is spending an endless amount of money … hundred billion plus … the cost estimates keep skyrocketing … on a bullet train … … when for a fraction of that he could have ample drinking water.

Forests need to be managed … remove the underbrush … harvest mature timber… nope, nope, nope, nope, nope … no way jose.

Governor Moonbeam is mesmerized by the notion of people sacrificing themselves.


As of May 2016, there are nine active proposals for seawater desalination plants along the California coast, as well as two additional proposed plants in Baja California, Mexico that would provide water to southern California communities.

There are also proposals for “brackish water” desalination plants.

Israel has successfully developed desalination to become surplus with fresh water.


Israeli desalination:

click here google youtube desalination


click here google youtube desalination

It takes energy, but California has shut down some or all of its nuclear reactors.


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