The Latest: Syrian Envoy at UN Hails 'Liberation of Aleppo'


Syria’s U.N. ambassador is hailing “the liberation of Aleppo” and rejecting allegations that his country’s military has carried out revenge attacks and executions of civilians.
Bashar Ja’afari told the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday that Syrian forces have liberated civilians from “terrorists” who controlled eastern


Syrian rebels reach cease-fire deal to evacuate from eastern Aleppo as Syrian government assumes control.


Canadian independent journalist Eva Bartlett had a lot to say on this subject at a recent UN press conference. Eye opening.


And as Aleppo is taken back from the rebels, jihadist fighters roll 100 miles in plain sight back into Palmyra.


Thank you for this post. I needed to watch that video. I pray for those being tortured and killed by ISIS


The nightly Western news reports we get on the Aleppo campaign are incredibly biased in favor of the Salafist extremists.


What a joke…there’s nothing left to liberate!
The city is a pile of rubble.


Activists and opposition members said bombs began falling again unprompted on what remained of eastern Aleppo


The “pile of rubble” is a description of the old part of Aleppo. In the eastern part, there are over a million non-combatants still living there. The “fake news” reported there was only one doctor left in Aleppo, but the truth is that there are over four thousand left in eastern Aleppo.

See the link in my last post.


Clashes erupt as Aleppo evacuation delayed:


This is in no way over. Assad and Putin are going to have to kill many, many more people before it’s really over. And they’re willing to do it, but despite their power, it still won’t be easy or finished quickly.

It’s a terrible shame we allowed this to happen. But the time is long past, I fear, when we could have done anything to prevent it.


Five arrested in Egypt for staged photo shoot of wounded Aleppo children…


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