The Latin Mass/ EF in Canada?

Have any of you lived or travelled to Canada, and found the Latin Mass popular there?
If so, what town, province was it in?
Basically, is the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, or the TLM alive & well in Canada, if so
where can one find it ?
Please give us details & or links, pictures, if you have them.
Thank you:)

The listings here seem to be fairly accurate and well maintained.

In Newfoundland, I was doing research about the Church there, and the Latin Mass at the Mercy Convent by Una Voce is very popular. For the small Oratory, the attendance is high.

When we drive up to visit my son and his wife and kids we go to Holy Family in Vancouver. The priests are Fr. Erick Deprey and Fr. Dan Geddes.

Wonderful parish!

Thank you so much for your replies!:slight_smile:

Please keep them coming.

On looking at the site it became obvious that it all depends on the province in which you live and its population.

Just checking out the 4 Atlantic provinces (Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick, total population 2.7 million) I see 1 Sunday Mass per week in Newfoundland and Labrador (a province bigger than some European countries with only ~500K pop.) and one a month in New Brunswick (~700K pop). Is that because there isn’t much interest? Or is it because there is no support from the clergy? What I do know is that the priests who serve my parish & the surrounding missions have no interest in offering it and their predecessors in the last 12 years, with possibly one exception, didn’t either. You should see the smirks when I bring up the topic.

Here in the archdiocese of Vancouver, in addition to the previously mentioned Holy Family parish (in the care of the FSSP), there are sometimes (maybe regularly?) EF masses at Sts Peter and Paul, St Jude, and St Anthony of Padua. I know first hand that a priest on staff at our cathedral (where the altar rail is available and used at all OF masses and EMHC wonderfully rare) is working to convert one of the 7 Sunday masses into an EF mass. Already, the OF 11 am mass at the cathedral makes generous use of Latin and polyphony, incense, etc. A few other parishes celebrate the OF but in a reverent and traditional manner, some with kneeling as the only option permitted for reception of Holy Communion (from personal experience I find the altar rail faster, when done properly, than cafeteria line up style). Sts Peter and Paul, St Jude, St Anthony, St Michael, and Corpus Christi come to mind.
And how could I forget…Westminster Abbey here in the diocese celebrates a very reverent ‘high’ OF mass that approaches the style of the EF. The Benedictines are also in charge of our seminary :).

The oldest parish to have the EF in Canada is St. Clement Parish, in Ottawa (capital of Canada), staffed by the FSSPO, and I am a parishioner!. At one point, it was the only parish in the world that exclusively offered the EF. There are now about 10 such parishes, including the one in Vancouver. I know Fr. Deprey personally, as he used to be at St. Clement for a time. St. Clement Parish is a thriving parish with many youth, altar boys, events, etc. It is the best TLM parish in all of Canada and probably North America - it even ranks among the world’s best, for sure. Here is the wiki article on it which I helped write:

Quebec City has a TLM-only parish too!

Toronto also has some EF masses in various churches. Check out

St. Catherines, Kitchener, and London also have FSSP EF masses.

The FSSP site has their selection of parishes in Canada:

I live both in St. Catharines and Kitchener, in southern Ontario. They are about an hour and half apart by car. In St. Catharines there is an oratory which is used exclusively for the EF, whereas in Kitchener, the Latin Mass community shares a parish with a NO community.

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