The Latin Mass Explained book

I don’t know if this book was previously discussed, but I am currently reading “The Latin Mass Explained” by MSGR. George J. Moorman and it is a wonderful book.

For those who have a love of the Latin Mass, this book does a great job at recreating in our minds the awe and reverence and sense of the otherworldly we experience.

For those like me who are new, it explains the order of the mass in a simple and beautiful way. It also speaks of the history of the mass and how it came to be, as well as it’s connection to the “sacrifices” of the old testament.

Read more about it here


By the way, what does the honorific “MSGR” mean? Messenger?

Monsignor not messenger

Oh okay lol. And Monsignor is the title for what position?

It is an honorary title granted to priests. It is not related to any specific position.

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