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[quote=GoLatin]As far as I know, he never stopped admiring Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. To this day, the publishing house of the SSPX still publishes some of Mr Davies’ books.

They also publish copies of the Duoay-Rheims bible. Does that make the bible wrong?

Please see the following:
This should tell you something about Michael Davies.

Please note that I do not presume to judge the state of his soul. I am objecting to him based on his outward actions.

Just because someone questions particular issues within the Church doesn’t make him/her “questionable.” Some people will be more vocal than others. You can’t always take an issue - such as the traditionalist movement - and make it black/white.

As to the veracity of the articles in The Latin Mass magazine, anyone who has had contact with members of the FSSP knows that they have had internal issues to deal with for several years. To question them on this account (and others) is not wrong. Libel and Slander are, and TLM magazine did neither.

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