The law of loving yourself


The new priest is taking 7 weeks off and travelling to the Andes and Antarctica, a little climbing, some trekking. He has been saving up he says, and has some long service leave that can be used. This was his 3rd Mass.

Young men of all nations are travelling to a Caliphate with no Caliph, to join the Stone Age armies.
He will tell us all about it when he returns. He told us all this after Mass, after he had read a poem his mother wrote for him when he was a small boy.
10,000 dead from Ebola.

Next and after the greatest commandment: the second most important law, Jesus said to the Pharisees, was that you shall love your neighbour as yourself.

Two weeks ago, after his first Mass, I asked the new priest that he might consider mentioning to his congregation, us, country dwellers all, far from the cities and big towns - that Francis can be read on twitter. We all have computers.
I tried to convey some sense of urgency about this, only because I know how good it is, to hear his word nearly every day.

A simple thing, this loving your neighbour. I’ll mention it to his replacement, a little love goes a long way.
Warm up here in the ranges, all the bird baths need re-filling, and the dogs sleep all day.


Yes loving yourself is a “simple thing” when read…but a most difficult thing to understand and properly implement.

On another note…your post seems to have some disconnected things tossed in…What is up with that?



Our pastor threw in some lyrics from the '90s Moody Blues into his sermon a couple months ago, as the Spirit moved him. It didn’t move me. I seldom understand the lyrics to any song. I"m amazed when I see people singing lyrics on TV. It isn’t my ears that don’t work, it’s my brain – the music is too loud for me to screen out the lyrics.

I have to view the lyrics-versions of Mick Jagger on youtube to figure out what he was even saying, twenty years ago. He’s blessed. He doesn’t get what he wants but he gets what he needs. I don’t always get what I need. It makes an old man cry.


James, how can the death of so many thousands of innocents be disconnected from prayer, reflection, and in this holidaying priest’s timetable, mention?

Too many priests think their congregation is their audience.


Guess I just have trouble following your line of thought - or maybe your style of writing…I didn’t get this conclusion from your OP…sorry.



Maybe the young priest, after having spent four years or more in college and in seminary simply needs a break.

And a vacation. :wink:


He’s about 40 plus, a replacement for a priest who was with us for quite a few years - he sits on a chair after Mass and asks that we be quiet, because it is his private time.


I like for people to be quiet after communion for the same reason.

Why not wait and see what happens when he gets back?


I spoke to him after his first Mass, and asked that he might mention Pope Francis’s availability on Twitter, being in the country we need what contact we can get.

The priest’s reply was to spread out his hands and say “Give me a break.”

Now he’s having a very long one.

I worked for 50 years and never took more than two weeks off in any one time, and I paid for it myself. I studied for five years, at night, and worked in every dead-end job I could find until I got my papers. Two young daughters at home. A wife who waited.

Mass on Sundays. 25 years in St. Vincent de Paul.

We all do the hard yards, Randy …


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