The Law, Old vs New!

I think one of the biggest misunderstanding, in Christians, is the Subject of the Law.Psalm 19:8 “The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the Soul.“When I was outside the Catholic Faith, I saw many nondenominational Christian churches, teaching we are totally free from the Law, being born again.The tragedy in this kind of interpretation. They take many of Paul’s writings out of context, specially the Romans chapter 7-8. The Mosaic Law, was given to man, to show his sin, and the need of a Savior. Man, could not keep this law,because he was dependent on self, which the flesh will always fail. Thus, the need for a Savior. The sad part about this, is as you read the Gospels, Jesus never abolished the Law, he came to fulfill the Old Covenant Law,not abolish it. We still need a Savior. Jesus Sermon on the Mount showed the way. Then he stated, to love God with all your heart,soul,and body and love your neighbor as yourself. This became the” Golden Rule”. The New Commandment, which fulfill all Ten of the Mosaic Commandments. The CCC 1961-1964 is very clear about what Paul was speaking of in Romans chapter 7 and Galatians3:24. The Mosaic Law, was written on tablets of Stone.It was to bring sin to light. The Mosaic Law was perfect,yet lacking. It depend on the flesh,man.The New Covenant, New Law,was written on our hearts, is dependent on the Holy Spiri,t through the Church. The Law of Love. Paul makes this very clear in 1 Corinthians 13. In the end there are three things Faith,hope, Love and the greatest of these is love(Charity).CCC1965-1983 gives clear understanding of what Paul was saying. The Old Law showed us they way to the Gospel, which is a Gospel of Love.Through the Sacraments of the Catholic Faith we show our need of our Savior Jesus Christ and the Graces of the Holy Spirit. We are not dependent on the flesh. The flesh always fails man. It is in our inner man(soul) these graces come forth. When we fully understand Sacramental Grace, the fruits of the Spirit burst forth to strengthen us, give us Charity(Love),peace, joy,endurance,ect… against these things there is no law,because it is a gift from God.Understanding this, we are called to obedience of the Church , which Jesus Christ established.True freedom, comes through the Love of the Catholic Faith and obedience to her teachings,which were established by Jesus, and his Apostles.The problem with some people the would rather rebel against obedience, than follow it. That is why, some lack spiritual blessings, that can only come through the Holy Spirit, in the Sacraments.Being obedient to the Church is being obedient to the Gospel:)
God Bless.

You are right when you say Jesus came to fulfill the law. In that respect Christianity is Judaism come to fruition. But, the law has been abolished, at leas for Gentiles, see Acts 15. We no longer need to offer animal sacrifices because the Great High Priest offered His own blood that allows us to come directly into God’s presence. Jesus told the Samaritan woman that a time was coming, and is in fact now here, when all people can worship God anywhere We no longer must observe dietary restrictions, see Acts 10 and 11. I think a better verse from Paul is Titus 3:9, where he advises Christians to not engage in arguments about the law of Moses. Then again in Ephesians Pau writes that Christ’s death abolished the law in order to unite the Jews and Gentiles.
Ephesians 2:15 He abolished the Jewish Law with its commandments and rules, in order to create out of the two races one new people in union with himself, in this way making peace.

So the Law of Moses is useful to know the mind of God, to learn about His expectations,it is no longer binding for the Christian. I don’t know if this is the response you were looking for, but just my two cents.

Hi Steve, thank you for responding. You are right when it comes to the Levitical Law.There is no need for bloody animal sacrifices, that did no good any way.The Ten Commandments were written by God himself.It was to show the Jews the need for a Savior, because it showed their sins. Paul gives a good explanation in Romans 7 when he says he does what he does not want to and doesn’t do what he wants to. This is the battle of the flesh and spirit(soul).Jesus in the Gospel of Mathew never said he abolished the Mosiac Law(10 commandments, but gave us the New commandment of Charity(love) to God first,then our neighbor. In this we fulfill the Law because we are then walking in the fruits of the Holy Spirit.But the flesh is always fighting this as Paul explains.Therefore the10commandments are for the flesh to reveal sin in our life when we are in the flesh.You are right God’s mystery was to bring together both Jew and gentile in one faith, one Church. Paul didn’t not want the burden of Levitical Laws,such as circumscise, be placed on the gentiles. That is why Paul, met with the other Apostles in the Early Church in Jerusalem Acts 15. This was the first eccuminicial council of the Church, the gathering of the Apostles.God did want his presence with all his Holy people both gentile and Jew.He accomplished this in the Aggapi meal known as the Eucharist, 1 Corinthians 11. Paul even chastised people for taking it unworthy.So we can see that there was laws in effect,by the Earliest Church. If you ate Jesus flesh and Blood unworthy you would bring judgement on yourself. That is a Law. Ephesians Chapter 2 if you read it all is the mystery(Mysterium in Latin) Sacraments in English. God has revealed his wisdom, through the Church to all principalities and powers. The full mysteries of God’s love can not be totally surpasses all human knowledge. Hebrews 12 and all of Hebrews tells us that the priesthood moved from the Levities to Melchizedek,were Jesus is High priest .So the 10 commandments were not abolished,but fulfilled by Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. This Christian family gets it’s freedom through the Sacraments which the Holy Spirit infuses his grace of love on us, to which there is no law. The bottom line Paul is talking about, if you walk in the flesh you need the Law, if you walk by the Holy Spirit, in your soul there is no law against this.We are still called to obedience by God, perfect love fulfills the law. The problem is very few humans ever reach a perfect love and become a perfect servant as Jesus was.That i why we need the Grace of the Sacraments.


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