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Hey, I’m sure similar things have been asked before so sorry, but I wonder about this specific issue.

If it was illegal in your country to carry pepper spray, as an example, would be a sin to do so ?

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In my opinion, no. Self defense is a fundamental human right that governments cannot justly infringe. Therefore we aren’t obliged to follow unjust laws that criminalize legitimate self defense.

With pepper spray specially, I think it’s not only evil, but patently absurd that a government would ban a nonlethal self defense tool that, when used, results in no permanent injury for either party!

Now you do have to think about practicality. If you ever have to actually use the pepper spray in self defense, the police will treat you as the criminal instead of the unjust aggressor. That just shows how evil such laws are. But one should take that into consideration when deciding to break this particular unjust law.


Yeah good points , I never even thought about how wrong it is about the pepper spray considering its temporary nature .

Yes thanks for the warning, it’s something I’ve thought about . I suppose it would have to be a life or death situation

Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s.

Your body is not Caesar’s. Neither are your rights.

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Please read the following carefully:

I am not sure. The catechism allows for self defense, but good luck convincing someone your inability to carry a weapon infringes on your religious freedom (I am Catholic, so I am answering from the standpoint of a Catholic). My country allows me to carry firearms for self defense, but it’s not the free-for-all non-Americans (and sadly, some Americans) seem to think it is. Here, I can carry a gun outside and even into grocery stores if they allow it, so long as they can see it (my state is very permissive about open carry), but, I do not have a conceal carry permit (though it would not be impossible for me to get), so I still have limits on what I can and cannot carry. Laws also vary by jurisdiction in the states, a gun that is legal here in South Carolina, may be illegal in North Carolina or Georgia. I would imagine it would work the same way with some other things. I know more than a few women (and some men) that carry knives. My brother (who lives in a different state) has a conceal carry permit, so he carries a gun on him. I would advise you though, even if you disagree with a law in your jurisdiction, to not knowingly violate it, unless you know it is violating your freedom (like Christians not being able to read the Bible in some countries, violating that law would not be wrong)

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