The Learning Curve

I don’t know if any of you remember but a few months back I made a thread for explain the mmo market to clear up some information mostly for parents. Since then my gf and a few other parties have been bugging me to make it a full blown podcast instead of enlarging a thread no ones going to take to heart.

That being said I’m announcing to you here and now that I’m making a show called the Learning Curve. The focus to educate parents and kids on whats really going on in the digital world. From topics such as what equipment works for what, what the games are really about that the back of the box doesn’t tell you and gaming news in real life.

Though its not going to be catholic by name it will be godly by heart. The Truth is God and I plan to lay it out there.

If anyone has any suggestions for topics to cover please leave me a message here or in my gmail

I’ll be updating this thread periodically to let you know when I found a host server and where you can access it. So far I have it going into itunes for approval in the new few days so you can get it there.

Walk with God.

Okay so I found a server and I’m getting the file ready to upload. just polishing up some of the sound quality and editing the intro.

also harmless bump.

Aside from the holiday season and apparent incompetence of a rendering program for my handsome voice The Learning Curve took a dive roll into near death forcing me to completely rethink how I’m going to distribute my show to the masses.

Now you maybe wondering to yourself:
“Stephen why do we on this forum care about your two bit show among the throng of endless self proclaimed saviors of pod casting world?”

Well I’m glad you ask!

To put it simple like all product out in this world there’s nothing wrong with something new and what the harm in trying it? After that point your responsibility ends and mine true begins which is to ensure I have something for you to come back to worth your hour.

We need an intelligent source of information that is not secular. After learning how it all works, parents and others need something other than a secular voice. Just be yourself and be honest. We can’t afford anymore “I’m OK, you’re OK” type approaches to digital media. For example, in reference to almost any change in movies or music or computer games that some find offensive, the retort is that “it’s tame by today’s standards.” What standards? Where? Does anyone honestly think that a “Rated M for Mature” actually matters?

The back of the box will not give you all the details moral people need. Too many have learned to ignore what should be clear red flags to anyone with a sense of “standards.”

You’ll probably get some “Hey. It’s the 21st Century. What’s the big deal? Who cares if there’s **** and *** and ****** situations as long as it’s part of the story, or fits the story?”

In my view, a clean break with today’s lack of standards needs to be made.

Walk with God,

As much as I agree there is a lack of standards heres the thing.

as much as I want my show to be catholic I don’t want it to be catholic overtones. Truth is truth and people can receive it without me starting each show in Jesus’s name.

My job is to help parents make informed decisions about games and electronics and to talk about gaming in the media full stop.

I don’t review games I tell you whats in them.
I don’t advertise products I tell you what works and what doesn’t.

If I think a game shouldn’t exist because it is morally bankrupt then I’ll say so but I intend to do some from a logical perspective because frankly there are just as many parents who are strict about media for kids how aren’t catholic.

That being said if Catholicism comes up I’m not going to hide it im just not going to get all up in your face about it.

If you as a parent after I tell you that is bloody, adult context and should probably only be played by knowing adults and they gift it to little Timmy I don’t care I’ve done my job.

I just think said parent is an idiot.

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