"The Leaven" Carmelite Seculars

“The Leaven” institute which is secular with members bound by vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience is a branch of the O.Carm branch of Carmel. Can anyone tell me anything about this institute? Also I would appreciate a link to the O.Carm Seculars Rule and Constitution.

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Thank you 5DD…I have searched extensively on the net but there seems very little about The Leaven except for their history. I did try a Google search but came up with the same history.
The Leaven are sending me information surface mail, so I guess I will have to wait for that, unless any members on CAF here have some familiarity with the Institute.
What I was trying to find out from the web was their Constitution and whether they follow the O.Carm Secular rule of life. There seems to be nothing specifically, so I am hoping my surface mail will be more informative. Failing all else, I do have a contact via email and the person who is posting me the surface mail. I’ll wait for the latter and if nothing has come up here will email and ask my questions.

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[quote=5-Decades-a-Day]Alas. :hmmm:

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I found an e-mail address, telephone munber and postal address for “The Leaven” in England. Perhaps you could e-mail them or give them a ring.

Carmelite Secular Institute (The Leaven)[right]Address[/right]
The Friars, Aylesford, Kent, England[right]Telephone[/right]
020 8749 1919[right]Email[/right]


[quote=BarbaraTherese]…:rotfl: … there ought to be rule against these longgggg and wordddddyyyy postsssss!:slight_smile:

Peace - Barb

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[quote=5-Decades-a-Day]I agree. :rolleyes:

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Hi there Gearoidin…(see G’s Post - 4.16pm Yesterday)…thank you for your very real and appreciated kindness in going off and doing a search for me and then posting the information.
To put you in the picture, I stumbled across The Leaven on a Carmelite website and never having heard of them (I have very close ties with Carmel for over 25yrs now) before went off on a surf looking for info…but nothing could I find but their history and the email address you have given.
But the history did really appeal to me, so I sent off an email to the address and received a prompt reply telling me that fuller information would be arriving surface mail from the UK and that they do have remote or isolated members…in their 30 only worldwide membership.

Again I thank you very sincerely for your thoughtfulness and time. When I receive the information in the mail, I will whizz off an email to my Leaven contact and ask if it is ok to post into this site a bit more information on The Leaven…then I will return to this thread and advise whatever. They may have reasons for not wanting specific info public. I dont know at this point.


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