The left and family separations


The left is suddenly so concerned about family separations at the border but doesn’t seem to bat an eye about deadly separations in abortion. Any open borders person here care to explain this inconsistency?


I’m not an “open borders” person (and I’m opposed to abortion) but these are two completely unrelated topics. Screeching “what about abortion though?!” in response to everything is not exactly a persuasive rhetorical technique.


Mine was not rhetoric; mine was simply a question, which you did not answer.


The pro-choice argument is based on the idea that someone doesn’t become a person with rights until they’re actually born. (To be clear, I reject that idea.) In contrast, a born child has a right not to be separated from their parents and lost in a bureaucratic morass. It’s pretty easy to reconcile these two beliefs.

I don’t think you actually didn’t get the argument. I think you just thought you found some kind of “gotcha” that would let you get some shots in at the leftist boogeyman.


If that’s the case, then why doesn’t the left seem to object to partial birth abortion? Are you prepared to explain what “partial rights” mean to them too?

I think you’re a bit naive to believe the left is unaware that human life is present at the moment of conception.

Your characterization of the left as a “boogeyman” implies that you think it doesn’t exist. If it doesn’t exist, then where did Roe v Wade come from?



Objecting to family separations has nothing to do with “open borders.” You need to ask a serious question if you want serious answers.


Ah, another non-answer.


Appropriate, when it’s in response to a non-question.


A question mark gives a clue that it’s a question.


You seem to assume that those who agree with the bishops on immigration are “open borders” people or are automatically supporters of abortion. That’s simply not true—so for many of us, the answer is that we support neither, so there is no inconsistency.


Yes, but the words before the question mark turn it into a loaded-question logical fallacy.


Open borders implies no borders. Is this what you’re for?


I’m glad you are consistent with keeping families together at the border and are also against abortion. Many are not consistent like you are.


No. That was my point —your question was loaded.


Of course the left exists. You just seem like the kind of guy who thinks the left is some kind of monolithic bloc of pure evil instead of just people you disagree with. For example, plenty of leftists don’t support partial birth abortion. There is a range of opinion on the left as on the right.

To preempt the inevitable, I’m not left wing, by the way.

This attempt to shoehorn abortion into the family separation controversy is just weird, frankly. They’re not related and people can consistently have a range of opinion on either question.


To be fair it is kind of impossible to enforce border security, disrupt human trafficking efforts, and keep families together all at the same time.

If we assume every child that shows up at the border with an adult is that adults child were going to allow a lot of children to fall into the hands of bad people.

If we do ascertain that the children and adults together are families were going to end up having to put children in prisons with adults, something that seems equally erroneous.


Adding to your answer, it’s either or, prolife OR anti separation of nurslings, toddlers, 6 year olds etc. from their parents?

We should be both prolife and pro dignity of migrant children.

If we can look at a nine month old baby in a foster care shelter 1000 miles from his mother and say,”Tuff luck kiddo, your mom committed a misdemeanor” then why should anyone listen when the same person says embryos have rights.

How did we get here? To be prolife means that there are absolutely no other evil things? And we aren’t permitted to oppose any of the evil things either.


Of course they “can have a range of opinion” but the opinions on: a) keeping families together at the border (a correct viewpoint) and b) pro-choice on abortion (an incorrect viewpoint) are inconsistent.


Do you also recognize the conservative opinions of 1. No abortion allowed and 2. Stop welfare handouts as inconsistent?

We can play this game all day—but the reality is that, as Catholics, we cannot in good conscience fully support either party’s positions.

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