The left and family separations


Hey, the bishops and the Pope have condemned this separation as immoral.

They are also anti abortion.

Prolife from conception to natural death.


It looks like your rhetorical question got its rhetorical answer.

Keep those questions coming!


Here! Here!


I don’t know of any conservative opinion to “stop” welfare handouts. They just want to decrease dependency on government where possible. Something I think we can all agree on. And we should all be against abortion, regardless of party affiliation.


I’ve definitely seen conservative calls for an end to, for example, subsidized health care. And no, that’s not something “we all agree on.”


Do you think it’s a good thing to try and lessen dependency on government?


Open borders person here…also, I’m whole-heartedly pro-life :slight_smile: not everything is black and white. I’d say my politics are ‘Christian democrat’ and ‘Political catholic’. Christian democracy is an ideology that combines social conservatism with more left-wing economics. Political Catholicism is basically the same thing. Catholic Social Teaching emphasizes how precious the poor are in our society. Indeed, if one is to follow CST entirely they’d end up somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum, neither completely left or right-wing. You’d agree with ‘the right’ on some issues of life but with ‘the left’ on others. In general terms, neither left nor right universally cares about life. Leftists don’t generally care about abortions (although there is a pro-life wing of the Democratic party, the Democrats For Life of America) and Rightists don’t generally seem to care about the children of undocumented immigrants, or working-class people.

I think we should care about everybody! (also please be respectful of others’ views thank you :slight_smile: )


Not for everyone.


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A question based on a faulty position – that “the left” is monolithic, and that concern about family separations equals support for open borders.

“Answer yes or no: Have you stopped beating your wife?”

If our defense of life and human dignity ends the moment a child passes through the birth canal, we’re gonna have a pretty rough go on Judgment Day.

Just my two cents.


Why is the right so concerned with abortions, but has no interest in preserving life once babies are born?


But yet here the predominantly left-leaning LGBTQ crowd applauds this


There’s always going to be double standards on both sides. I could talk about how ‘the right’ doesn’t care about poor people or undocumented children, too. The fact of the matter is neither side is inherently holier than the other. I know a number of Catholics supported Trump and people can support who they want in a democracy but you should all remember you’re Catholics first and Trump voters second. Don’t put his agenda ahead of your own faith’s. Don’t try to change Catholicism so it better fits the Trump agenda. Don’t politicize Catholicism. Not saying you in particular are attempting to do so but I’ve noticed this quite a bit from people. People get so whipped up about politics that they say if someone doesn’t agree with them politically, they aren’t Catholic. It doesn’t work like that. Maybe on a few, select issues where church teaching is crystal clear, but that is far from all the political issues of our time. You can have Catholic democrats, and Catholic republicans. Remember the DFLA, wonderful organization…


“The left” believes parents should make decisions about their children, not the government. They object to the government interfering in the case of abortion and in the case of a family at the border.

I don’t know if “the left” really exists, but it is not hard to see a consistent position.

OTOH, if you want to make the point that parents should care about their children, in order to condemn those who choose abortion, you would be better served by condemning the separations.


OP, that is a really bad analogy. A better one is children being separated at the border from people who may or may not be their parents and children of citizens being separated from their parents when their parents go to jail. In each case, the parent chose to commit a crime and that is why they are separated from their kids.


The LGBT law shows the left is really not concerned about keeping families together as much as it is in furthering its radical and political agendae.


If the parents are abusing their LGBT child, then, no, it’s not worth keeping that family together. Children frequently get removed from abusive parents, so I don’t know why this is any different.


People have been scientifically proven to be able to care about two things at once!

Now, some people claim to care about three or more things at once, but, we know that is fiction.


Not accepting a child’s false and unhealthy gender identity and true abuse are very different things


Yep. Like asking “so, are you still beating your dog?”

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