The Left Bashes Obama's Oil Spill Speech

(June 16) – President Barack Obama must have known nothing he could say about the BP disaster in his first Oval Office speech would satisfy his conservative critics. He was right about that. But he might not have expected the reaction from the left to be so harsh.

“JUNK SHOT,” screamed this morning’s headline atop The Huffington Post, a reference to one of the failed attempts to plug the gushing oil well. “What was the point?” HuffPo’s Jason Linkins wondered. He dismissed Obama’s speech as nothing new – short on specifics and long on sentiment.

Among liberal pundits, “short on specifics” is the most common – and most mildly stated – complaint.

I loved Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman. They couldn’t trash Obama’s speech enough:

“Olberman: Chris, Im going to start with you. Maybe I missed something. I thought it was a great speech if youve been on another planet for the last 57 days. But was that what was needed tonight? Did he shoot really low?”

And later Olberman said: "Im going to revise my remark, Chris. I dont think he aimed low. I dont think he aimed at all about this. Its startling to have heard this, isn`t it?

And that ain’t Fox News, baby. That’s MSNBC, Keith Olberman and Mr. Tingle himself - Chris Matthews.

The Honeymoon is over. The Thrill Is Gone.

I do believe that the Gulf of Mexico should be renamed Obama’s Waterloo.

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