The left has already given up on blocking Kavanaugh


(After all, even in the unlikely event that this undeniably qualified, completely establishmentarian, lifelong swamp creature is somehow blocked,


These issues are generating discussion, but they are unlikely to stop Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.


Barring a major surprise in the Senate, Brett Kavanaugh will be taking a seat on the Supreme Court this fall.


The Democrats have an uphill battle.

The odds are in favor of the US Senate confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.


When Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed (which, given the composition of the Senate, feels almost like an inevitability),



Judge Brett Kavanaugh is more likely than not going to win Senate confirmation to join the Supreme Court.


Our soon to be former senator(I hope), Joe Donnelly, voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch. I was looking forward to a nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. If he voted against a fellow Catholic Hoosier for being pro-life, he would have no chance at all in this year’s election.

I can’t imagine anyone thinking that starting the next term of the Supreme Court with a vacancy would be a good thing. We also need to fill the vacancy on the DC Court of Appeals. The same Democrats who argued that not acting on Merritt Garland was wrong would show themselves to be real hypocrites to stop a nomination for three years, although it does not seem to embarrass them on other issues.


If Kavanaugh’s nomination goes through ― and there’s little reason to think it won’t ― he will be the fifth conservative on the court.


Regardless of how futile it may seem, I think the Democrats will fight the Kavanaugh nomination tooth and nail, making the Bork nomination seem like a love-in.
In fact they will fight any Trump nominee. If Trump were to nominate Merrick Garland, they would oppose him too, for being a Trump nominee.


I called Claire McCaskills office today (she is one my senators and she is up for election). Her aid was VERY quick to tell me that Claire had voted for 2/3 of Trumps nominees for judges. But when I told him she didn’t vote for Gorsuch I got an exasperated ‘no I don’t believe she did’. The aid sounded tired and frustrated. I am just speculating here, but by his language and tone of voice he hasn’t been getting the feedback he wanted to hear.

How bad does she want to keep her seat? How bad do the other Democratic senators up for election want to keep their seat?


Republicans are pointing to a new Tarrance Group poll showing a majority of voters in several Senate battleground states — Florida, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota and West Virginia — want their Democratic senators to vote for Kavanaugh.


Those Democratic Senators in states that voted for Trump are going to have to consider going along with Kavanagh, especially if they’re up for reelection this fall or in 2020. They have to ask themselves: are they prepared to put the party ahead of their own chances of reelection? Is this the hill they want to die on? They love their perks and power, they love their ability to act and trade on inside information, they won’t want to give that up.


I have already received both emails and phone calls asking me to contact Senator Donnelly and ask him to support the nomination even before any hearings. The Republicans seem to be pretty well organized on this, despite the image of chaos in the Trump White House. All the Democrats not suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome understand that candidate Trump’s promise of conservative judges was a huge factor in his election.



Expecting that he’ll get confirmed and the hysteria over Roe v Wade, you’ll see things like this:

And this is quite evil but we shouldn’t be surprised as false teachers and wolves lurk in the Church:

The Rev. Dr. Donna Schaper, senior minister at Judson Memorial Church in New York City, was asked in a recent interview what clergy should be thinking about now as we consider the possibility of Roe v. Wade overturned and the issue of abortion returned to the states.

The first thing I want to say is that if men bore children, abortion would be a sacrament. It’s sexism that doesn’t allow a woman to use a perfectly ordinary reproductive technology. I’ve had two abortions and was back to work in the afternoon. That doesn’t mean they were inconsequential to me. They were profoundly positive experiences of exercising my humanity and my freedom.

The thing most of us have been talking about is to encourage the use of medical technology, the morning after pills and very good new drugs. We need to get some wise pharmaceutical company to make money off distributing them so people don’t need abortions, and/or smuggling the drugs in from Mexico and Canada.

There are already very interesting groups of women my age feeling we could take the risk of loading up our vans to take road trips and give them out at churches. We’d see what kind of legal trouble one could get into because the drugs would be given away and are legal in Mexico and Canada.


I refer to the decision of Senate Democrats to wage a tooth-and-nail battle to oppose Kavanaugh, an effort that is likely doomed to fail and equally likely to hurt Democratic chances in the fall. Who knew Chuck Schumer was so content with his job as Senate minority leader?

Kavanaugh will almost certainly be confirmed. Democrats who had pinned their hopes on flipping Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski probably aren’t going to get their wish, since both Republican moderates voted to confirm Kavanaugh to his current judgeship in 2006 and have since spoken approvingly of his nomination. Rand Paul can also be counted on to feign political independence, but he usually falls into line.

Fierce opposition to Kavanaugh hurts Democrats. This was already going to be a difficult year for Senate Democrats, who are defending 10 seats in states won by Trump. Everyone knows that North Dakota’s Heidi Heitkamp, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin and Indiana’s Joe Donnelly are vulnerable, which is why they voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch last year. Florida’s Bill Nelson is struggling, too, as is Missouri’s Claire McCaskill.

So please explain the logic of convincing Democratic voters in these states that the Kavanaugh nomination is the moral battle of our time — and then putting their senators to the choice of looking like political sellouts if they vote for Kavanaugh, or moral cowards if they don’t (and vice versa)?


I always liked Diane Fienstein… I though she had courage to vote her conscience regardless of party, but this year she surprised me…


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