The Left’s Post-Trump Enemies List

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In The Federalist there is a link to Trump Accountability website (I don’t want to link it) with this quote:

Sign up to be the first to know when we launch the definitive factual record of those who enabled the Trump era

and then it includes these three groups of people will be targeted:

Those who elected him,
Those who staffed his government and
Those who funded him.

This is horrible and where we are headed but not surprising.

:prayer_beads: pray the rosary


Reminds me of the accusations of treason and aiding and abetting terrorism during the Bush era.

Except that President Trump is not a terrorist !!!

this is not the same thing.


Yeah that’s not what I meant.

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Will they seek out Trump suporters on CAF for public shaming or worse? Or maybe just go after all Catholics for actually being Catholic?


During the Bush administrations there were tons of calls for liberals and leftists to be tried as traitors by right wing radio hosts and other figures. Now the right is getting a taste of their own medicine and they’re complaining.

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Assuming this bizarre crusade ever takes off, I imagine only his top financial supporters and aids will be harassed.

If they begin doxing the average citizen like you and me, well, that’s the beginning of a civil war.


That is exactly what I thought you meant. Calls by radio hosts, talking heads, asking to look into and try suspects of those who may have aided and abetted foreign terrorists is not the same thing as having government officials of the United States seek out all the supporters of the previous president’s administration because they did not like him.

This is just where I believe we are headed.


What’s good for the goose and all that. It starts with calls of treason against innocent civilians which you’re excusing.

This will probably be where they start.

and this is where they will end up


As I said, the difference is one is another civilian just talking, the other is a government official keeping track of a list of names…

Maybe they’ll make allegations about a ‘deep state’ like Trump and then use the claim to justify messing up an agency’s work like the Republicans did.

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That’s not reasonable.

Reasonable or not, I think it is quite possible. The left tends to be quite intolerant of non-conforming opinions.


That’s why the left is always pushing for diversity in opinions and in the makeup of groups? Because it is so intolerant of non-conforming opinions? I think you are in error.

The left may roundup Catholics? That’s not going to happen.

People fail to realize that the only real attempt at revolution in America in the last 100 years was a right wing coup plan, not anything from the left.

Have you been following the news, by chance? Or what has been happening the last year or so?

And again, there is a difference between aiding terrorists and supporting the president.

It seems to me you don’t actually want peace or justice, as you make excuses for people specifically targeting people for merely having a separate political party?

Out of curiosity, where do you personally draw the line?


Diversity of opinions? Watching recent and not so recent confirmation hearings, it seems that anyone who accepts Catholic teaching is beyond the pale and not to be accepted. Any thing can be tolerated except religion or religious orthodoxy.

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