The Left's Evangelical Equivocation

We see the seamless garment argument over and over on CAF:confused:

The Left’s Evangelical Equivocation
By Mark D. Tooley
** | Friday, November 14, 2008 **

Striving to turn evangelicals against the Republican Party, the Evangelical Left has argued for a wider “basket” of issues that ought to concern conservative Protestants. In this equation, marriage and abortion are no more important, and perhaps less urgent, than Global Warming, expanding the Welfare State, and opposing the Iraq War (or at least U.S. participation in it). This argument is similar to, but less sophisticated than the late Catholic Cardinal Bernardin’s advocacy in the 1980’s of a “seamless” garment of life, that equated abortion with capital punishment and possession of nuclear weapons…

In fact, these “seamless” arguments, while appealing to liberal audiences, ignore or minimize historical Christian teaching. Nearly all branches of Christianity have common and ancient teachings about marriage and abortion. There are not similarly unshakeable church traditions about contemporary U.S. foreign and domestic policies, despite the Religious Left’s assertions and hopes for replacing Christian orthodoxy with the its own politics du jour. The whole story

Why do you think people ignore root causes? to violence, war and poverty?

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