The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election

This is the real reason Trump is so desperate to be re-elected. I would be scared, too in his place.


Why? Nobody prosecuted Hilary


Just read the article. :wink:

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Just another nasty hit piece …


No really. It’s pointing out cases that are currently against Trump that can’t be prosecuted because of his status as President. If he loses, those cases can move forward without the protection of the White House.

Most of the cases pending against him are civil and two are sexually related cases. Some have a statute of limitations on them and if he wins, will pass the allotted time. If he loses, they can be pursued.


This falls under the category of “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” :shushing_face:

Coming from CNN, more innuendo.


He’ll be fine. It’s happened more than once where a member of the ruling class had their insurmountable legal troubles just seem to fizzle.

Nothing is going to happen.

Well, the accuracy of his tax returns (or the lack of accuracy) may hold him open to IRS scrutiny. Just like Nixon.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Seriously?



Oh please


This isn’t really news. It’s just the uncovering of all the redacted material in the Mueller report turned over to SDNY.

Not to mention the Senate Judiciary Report.

And Junior isn’t exactly in the clear either.


It’s from CNN, how accurate can it be?


It is a fact that Trump hides behind some DOJ statement about the sitting president’s immunity from legal actions and that protection will evaporate if he loses. It is a fact that he played fast and loose with declaring the value of his assets, by inflating them to get new loans, and deflating them when it came to taxes. These are not fabrications, he himself bragged about them, calling is smart business practices.

Can you point out the factual errors in the article?


I don’t read CNN. I have found they are the least credible news source one could see, right up there with the grocery store check-out “news” papers claiming alien abductions.


Careful now. Trump gained his fame and followers through National Enquirer and other tabloids for a long time.


If one thinks for one second that political revenge against Trump doesn’t await him when he leaves office, one hasn’t watched the ongoing coupe attempt over the last four years.
If they can’t find something they will create it, like they’ve done since he’s been in office.
They must destroy him to set an example.


What about the “lock her up” chant 4 years ago, and today at one of his rallys?


If you look at great leaders in American history; captains of industry; or any of the really rich capitalists of the last 200 years (I am discounting people like Paris Hilton, the Kardashians, etc., those who are “famous for being famous” without any real accomplishments), they all have one trait in common:

They had no fear of lawyers or the courts.

People like Edison; George Westinghouse; etc., were sued many times. None were dissuaded from their lifestyle or accomplishments one iota.

So it will be with Trump. He has the best lawyers money can buy; he has been through many bankruptcies and none of them hurt him politically. CNN’s wishing legal trouble on him; or expecting him to face considerable legal trouble at all, is nothing but “revenge porn.”

We shall see.

Al Capone was very rich and could get away with murder. But not with tax fraud. Sure Trump could cheat contractors out of their due, because those contractors could not fight him in court. He thinks that he can away with everything, because he has money and the other party does not. But the lawyers representing the public are not constrained by lack of funds. And the Barr types in the DOJ will not be able to help him, once they will be removed from office. That is why Trump tries to run out the statute of limitations.

Tax fraud, insurance fraud and many other problems will come down on his head, if he loses the bid for re-election.

As I said… let’s wait and see.


There is only one thing that I know it is a Fact.

The way we judge others, we will be judged.

Thats all.

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