The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election

Many contractors fought him tooth and nail. They lost. He won.

Comparing Donald Trump to Al Capone is offensive.

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The past is not indicative for the future.

I am sorry. I did not want to say something offensive about Capone. I was comparing the crime of murder to the crime of tax fraud.


My point is that historically essentially no one situated as Trump is situated has any fear of lawyers or the courts. If the past is any guide, neither should Trump.

We shall see, whose prediction will be more accurate.

Why are you so defensive? I don’t fall for your trap so the name calling starts? I believe CNN as a news source to be extremely questionable. I don’t bother to read it or watch it. If that offends you, well that’s on you.

Defensive? And I am not offended, I am simply amused.

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When 9/11 happened, the Democrats discovered they couldn’t tar Bush without hitting Clinton. Bush didn’t go after Clinton because the blowback would have come back at him.

Same deal between Obama and his predecessor Bush. Lots of talk, but nothing burger.

So Trump talks a good game re Hillary and Obama; in fact Hillary is caught for something I’d have gone to federal prison for. But nothing happening to either one of them. Nothing will happen to either one of them. Ever.

Says here Trump will have legal issues post-presidency, but will not spend one day in jail.

Biden will get into deeper trouble re his son and all the corruption that is now coming out. Says here neither Biden nor his son will ever spend a day in jail. Ever.

Not that I agree with any or all of this lack of consequences, just saying this is the way it goes.

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What actions have been taken to do so? A chant at a political rally is not legal action.

Were there any pending lawsuits awaiting HRC, when she left office?

And there are a lot of them. And my wife read somewhere yesterday, he is using the excuse “threats to his life” as a reason to flee the country if he loses the election to avoid criminal prosecution. Wonder how that works out with his SS detail assigned to him for the rest of his life.

No. He won’t flee the country. He’ll stay and fight the criminalization of political opposition by the Democrats. He has the resources to prevail. But plenty of others who the Dems will prosecute don’t. Ultimately the Dems intend to frighten all political opposition into silence. Their incessant prosecution of Trump is a clear message to that effect. “Oppose us and we’ll imprison you” they’re telling all of us.

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Hmmm… lock her up? Is that what the democrats chant?

No. With them it’s act through our political affiliates to phony up charges. I’ll readily admit the Democrats are far better at criminalizing political opponents than are Republicans. With the former, it’s in their blood. It’s part of being authoritarian leftists.


I am totally against the Banana Republic idea of criminal retribution against ones political opponents.

That said, there are a lot of potential court cases bubbling up through the system against Trump that do seem to have legs. I don’t think they should be abandoned just because he’s no longer in office.

Trump’s been in court for decades, so now is no different or looks like revenge.


No, it is not a LEGAL action. Nor is chanting: “Jews will not replace us!”

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Whether those charges are phony, will have to be decided by the courts. But let’s make clear: “The FBI investigation is not spying.”


Nor is the racist accusation of white privilege, but I don’t know what these have to do with the issue at hand.
The AG of New York has made it her goal to attack Trump, a vendetta. That’s the issue, not stupid political chants. She has weaponized her office for political reasons (there may be other personal reasons like race, but I have no way of knowing that) . That’s what I am referring to. There is clearly going to be a vendetta against him

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It looks like laws were broken. We already know the Trump Foundation was a sham. Pursuing crime is not a bad thing.

But, you just said it. You know, “people are saying…”

There have clearly been cases that have been on hold while he is President, or he has been able to delay, that won’t be delayed or on hold after he leaves office. I don’t see vendetta there.

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The other poster mentioned “lock her ip”. It appears laws were broken, but I don’t see an AG making it her political goal to attack her.

Not sure what this means.

He lived a visible public life until January of 2017. The New York AG has made it clear she thinks his presidency is illegitimate. It is only now that she goes on the attack?
Please, hers is a political and perhaps personal vendetta.


Let’s talk about Trump. Hillary isn’t running.

And was subject of many lawsuits from the NY AG and other entities. Trump Foundation and Trump University to name two.

Yep, she did say that. So what? The Trump Foundation case was real. Not made up. Even people with a mission can engage in legitimate, good, legal, prosecutions.

But, that doesn’t change the Trump Organization’s wrongdoing. If there’s tax fraud, there’s tax fraud.

Are you proposing that prosecutors have to “like” everyone they investigate?

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The job of AG is to prosecute - NOT persecute! - criminal activities. That is all. The personal reasons (if any) are totally irrelevant. The AG of the US (Barr) should be the lawyer of the people, not a personal lawyer of Trump. He is guilty of the dereliction of duty.

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