The legal reckoning awaiting Donald Trump if he loses the election

If you’re trying to be formal, it would probably be President Obama, but I thought this was a relatively informal board.

You seem to be more concerned about titles than the fact that President Obama killed Americans in drone strikes.


That is disputed, and not the subject of this thread anyway.

It was by the direct order of Mr. Trump that General Soleimani was assassinated, not by the result of some obscure arms sale.

I think that Biden should pardon Trump for any crimes he committed as president.

Others disagree:

" But as painful and hard as it may be for the country, I believe the next attorney general should investigate Mr. Trump and, if warranted, prosecute him for potential federal crimes.

I do not come to this position lightly. Indeed, we have witnessed two U.S. presidential elections in which large crowds have found it acceptable to chant with fervent zeal that the nominee of the opposing party should be jailed. We do not want to turn into an autocratic state, where law enforcement authorities are political weapons of the reigning party.

But that is not sufficient reason to let Mr. Trump off the hook.

Mr. Trump’s criminal exposure is clear. I was a senior member of the investigation led by the former special counsel Robert Mueller to determine whether Russia attempted to subvert our fundamental democratic source of political legitimacy: our electoral system. Among other things, he was tasked with determining whether Mr. Trump interfered with our fact-finding into this issue.

We amassed ample evidence to support a charge that Mr. Trump obstructed justice. That view is widely shared. Shortly after our report was issued, hundreds of former prosecutors concluded that the evidence supported such a charge."

I will agree with, with one exception. If there was proof, good proof, that he tried to bribe state officials with jobs for overturning the election, that is serious enough it should not go unpunished, and is something could never be allowed to happen again.


I personally don’t think there will be a legal reckoning. He is used to lawsuits.

Stormy Daniels’ failed phony lawsuit got her a court order to pay the Trump team over a quarter million dollars if I recall correctly.

She probably won’t pay (just like she apparently lied about her own alleged NDA - true or false, she shows her dishonesty of her own alleged NDA by “disclosing” and accusing Trump), but Trump may not let others off the hook.

Here’s what WILL happen though (or at least be ATTEMPTED to happen) . . . .

The leftists will (mis)use Government for political retribution against President Trump if and when they ever get the chance.

They will use “trumped”-up charges again.

They want Trump arrested, perp-walked, discredited, and behind bars.

They also will go after President Trump’s family to a certain extent.

And the vindictiveness of the left won’t stop there.

They will also go after people who supported President Trump.

As a matter of fact they have already admitted to this.

None of this is in the name of justice (which would be fine if it were) but in the name of political vindictiveness.

They will want retribution and also simultaneously want to make an example of these people as a warning to others who may dare (REALLY) run successfully against Democrats for the White House again. That is not allowed anymore. Hasn’t been since the Bushes got away with it.

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You make some very insulting speculation. After January, Trump will have to account for some of his corner-cutting in his businesses, as will his children. Nothing more, nothing less.

That’s not persecution.

Has Trump ever apologized for calling for the death penalty for the not guilty Central Park 5? (You know the answer!) Examine Trump for vindictiveness on that one.


Actually, there is MORE, much MORE. Tax fraud, insurance fraud to begin. Some strong arm tactics, where he intimidated contractors who did not have a financial power to carry out some dragged-out litigation process.

There was a good expression by Reagan: “While the fat people slim down, the slim ones will starve to death”. A perfect description of Trump’s business dealings with the small guys.

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Actually I know or recall nothing about it.

If you want, please refresh my memory as right now, I have too many other things going to take the time for another of these.

Until, eventually, they persecute people simply for wearing glasses.

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No, thanks. The subject is real and has been gone over several times. If you do not know of it then it says quite a bit about Trump supporters. And he never apologized.

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You can prove that broad-brushed statement for me too.

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Gracious, person! The story of the Central Park 5 was filmed as a TV movie and you don’t know of it? You don’t have to be from NYC to be familiar with what happened and Trump’s part in all this. It was not a small or minor incident.

Please look up the details. Remember that Trump never apologized.

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No. I really don’t.


E Jean Carroll’s case is ready to go.
Trump was ordered and scheduled via the Supreme Court to supply a DNA sample and give a deposition in September when the DOJ stepped in and stalled it YET AGAIN.
Not this time. No more.
This case is going forward, probably before he leaves the WH. I’m very eager to hear his deposition under oath when asked about women and consent.

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The cases listed in this article have been reported in hundreds of well-established, trusted publications.
After January 20th, this guy is TOAST.

There’s this thing called LAWS and when you break them, you often have to pay a price. The people who prosecute you don’t all come from one party.
They are people of many different political beliefs and backgrounds who believe in law and justice.
Trump is in real trouble.

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We’ve already seen years of political misconduct against him as the sitting president. Based on their demonstrated actions, it is fair to assume that the attacks will continue, not abate.


Misconduct? What, someone made an unfair criticism? His finances have been investigated? He’s been held to account for his use of official power to gain an edge over a political rival?

Those things go with the territory of being president. Taking a jaundiced look at a president is not misconduct. I think that after he leaves office much of what Trump does will be ignored. He’ll still be tweeting, though.

Its easy to state something like that. You have an example?

Often when people are charged with crimes it is because they have violated the law.

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