The Legend of Luther and the Inkpot


Anyone ever heard of this story? Varying websites say it is legend and some say it is true.

Supposedly Satan attacked Luther while he was translating the Bible, and his only available weapon was the inkpot on his desk. He is said to have hurled the inkpot at the devil, who fled. But the wall retained an ink stain that became a tourist attraction.


Satan was actually assisting Luther, and Luther hurled the inkspot at his guardian angel who was attempting to intervene.




I guess that’s not very charitable…

A little similar: John Wesley’s house was allegedly occupied by a poltergeist when he was little. :eek: (icon is serious, not sarcastic)


Really? Do share a link. I am interested in such stories. Had you ever heard of Luther’s inkpot before?


We should be charitable to a heretic who led countless millions away from the Church founded by Christ??? Who do you think was assisting Luther, the Holy Spirit??

:eek: icon does not say “serious” nor “sarcastic”. It says “EEK”!


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