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Hi everyone. I am considering becoming an inquiring member of The Legion of Mary again but I can’t remember what they require you to do on a daily basis. Could someone please help me out? Thanks!




to help keep your request alive, we have LOM in our parish, they meet once a week to pray the rosary, lead the rosary for the parish at set times–May & October, Lent & Advent once a week. They are obliged to choose one parish ministry in which to serve, they have chosen to visit the nursing homes, which they do on a rotating basis once a week. I believe they lead the rosary for those who wish to participate, and sometimes bring small gifts, and at Christmas bring presents for those residents. This particular group seems closed to new members, and rather secretive about their requirements accept to members. Having no other experience with LOM I suspect this is characteristic of this particular group of people, not LOM in general.


Does anyone else know the answer to this question? :shrug::confused:


As a teenager I with some of my friends started a Junior Lof M group. I don’t recall anything secretive about it. We met once a week with a member of the adult group, recited the Rosary, and then reported on our apostolate. Our particular apostolate centered on visiting shut-ins. Often this was a chance to get them a priest for confession and to receive Holy Communion. This was way before we had Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers to bring Eucharist.

Our visits were helpful to the priests. We also assisted in updating the catholic lists for father’s yearly home visits. If people had moved we could sometimes find out from a neighbor where they had moved.

I am now 65 years old and that was a long time ago. Maybe things have changed.


The Legion of Mary has been a great help to me in our parish. They bring Holy Communion to the sick and keep in contact with auxilliary members that are aged or too ill to make the meetings. We have a Spanish speaking group as well as an English speaking group. I would encourage anyone who might be interested to check them out. This Sunday at Mass we will have the Gospel of the vine and the branches. The Legion members bear much fruit.

Dcn Tony


My dear friend Holly

I was one . It’s great. You need do no more than now except your weekly meeting and 2 hrs active work / wk. It’s up to you if you want to do more. I’ve kept you in my prayers as promised a while ago too. I hope it helps you.

God bless you:)


OH ok. Thanks John! I thought that you had to recite the rosary and the catena or something daily too? :shrug::confused:


My dear friend Holly

My mistake. I thought you already prayed the rosary. If not then yes you need to do as you say. If you do this service for your Blessed Mother it’s hard to see how you could miss out on heaven. She doesn’t lose anyone who is faithful to her you know?
Good luck and God bless;)


Try this :slight_smile:

*]Legion of Mary


Active membership in the Legion of Mary includes the following:

Attending the weekly meeting
daily recitation of the Catena (Magnifcat)
Performance of 2 hours of substantial apostolic work a week

Members are also encouraged to practice total consecration according to the spirituality of St Louis de Montfort.

I am an active in the praesidium at my parish. Our primary work is door-to-door evangelization. I love it. You need to find a praesidium attached to a higher council (curia, comitium, etc.) and is faithful to the Handbook.

In Our Lady’s Legion.


Hi Holly,

membership of the Legion is open to all practising Catholics - just turn up at a meeting! I’ve been in the Legion for 6 years and really enjoy it. Our main work is visiting people in a local hospital where there are many long term patients. Our weekly meetings are very supportive and prayerful - I have learnt a great deal about my faith since being a member.

puzzleannie, I don’t know what that group in your parish is, but it sounds very un-legion like!

The handbook of the Legion ( a mixture of practical advice and spiritual reflections) is available online at =“”


You might try getting the “Handbook” - which is full of detail, & contains the prayers, & just about all the info one could ask for (Though the Book of Mormon has nicer pictures :))


Hmmm, thanks everyone. I am thinking about this afresh since I recently fell away from the Church but have come back. I am honestly not sure that I could recite the rosary every day and do the other daily requirements.

That said, for those of you who are curious, I have tried at various times to pray the rosary on a daily basis. I have failed every time. I get to praying the rosary every day and then I fall in to some sort of sin and then I quit praying the rosary. I hate it. I wish that I could stay out of mortal sin and continue to pray the rosary on a daily basis permanently. See, I am enrolled in the brown scapular but I don’t even wear it all the time because I find it so hard to pray the rosary every day. Do you all have any advice? :shrug::confused:


Holly, I may be wrong on this, and I’ve no doubt someone will correct me, but a daily Rosary isn’t compulsory for members - it’s just that Legion members tend to be the sort of person who prays it anyway - know what I mean?

The basic requirements are: 1. regular and punctual attendance at meetings,
2,the daily recitation of the Catena (beautiful and short!)
3,the performance of an active work (visiting the sick, or home to home visitation for example),
4,confidentiality concerning anything you might be told by someone you visit.

If you find praying the Rosary difficult, just do one decade to start. Pick a mystery that speaks to you, and meditate on it. You can’t force yourself to love the Rosary, you can build up to it slowly. Don’t beat yourself up about forgetting to do it or not feeling like doing it - we all get days like that (well, I do!). Just do your best - gradually you will be able to do better.

God bless.


Perseverence, dear Holly. Keep trying. I too, had a difficult time in praying the Rosary… when I first started. But it became easier, when I acquired a set of large, colorful pictures of the Mystery’s. It’s now much less of a struggle to keep my mind on them… as I pray. I always recommend these large pictures… because they have been such a great help for me.

I’ve also experimented with different times (of day) and settings, when praying the Rosary. Currently, I find that praying the Rosary in the early, early morning works well (before 7:00 a.m.). I had been praying it in the afternoon for a long while. But the afternoons around here are so “noisy and chaotic”. Especially, with the neighborhood kids on summer vacation. :rolleyes: I began to get discouraged. The “peace and quiet” of the early morning has become such a blessing.

Most of all… please ask Our Blessed Mother to help you with this. Your desire to pray the Rosary is not a random thing. I’ve always felt that an attraction to the Rosary is a special gift and is planted in souls by Our dear Lord, Himself… as a way of honoring His Beloved Mother. Like He is putting us under Her special protection. :slight_smile: It makes sense that the enemy will do everything in its power… to thwart us. So keep on trying!

God bless you, dear soul. And don’t become discouraged! :thumbsup:


Dear Hollie

If you struggle to pray the rosary due to sin you could be inviting much more temptation than needs be. The enemy is very clever and watching. He not only sees a success at stopping the prayer he sees you abandon the thing that you need. Don’t be despondent about failings because God does not see things as we do and he is not so concerned with sin as we think. He just wants us to do our best and struggle on. If we obsess over our sins then this is a victory for the enemy. Confess and march on more humble each time. Just see it like a battle. you get some wounds here and there but you keep fighting. Persevere and eventually you win. We’re all at war down here- that’s why we’re the church militant.

God loves us with all our faults and just as we are. So does our Blessed Mother.

God bless:thumbsup::slight_smile:


So is a daily rosary required to be part of the Legion of Mary or not? I’m still confused on that part. :shrug::confused:


My dear friend Holly

*“The Legion of Mary presents the true face of the Catholic Church” *- Pope John XXIII

There are two types of membership in the Legion of Mary:

*]**Active Membership **
[/LIST]Active membership requires from each Legionary:

First, the punctual and regular attendance at the weekly
meetings of the praesidium, and the furnishing there of
an adequate and audible report on the work done;

Second, the daily recitation of the Catena (list of prayers);

Third, the performance of a substantial active legionary
work (works), in the spirit of faith, and in union with Mary,
in such fashion that in those worked for and in one’s
fellow-members, the Person of our Lord is once again
seen and served by Mary, his Mother;

Fourth, absolute respect for the confidential nature of
many matters discussed at the meeting or learned in
connection with the legionary work.

*]Auxiliary Membership
[/LIST]Auxiliary membership is subdivided into two degrees:

(a) the primary, whose members shall be simply styled
auxiliaries; and

(b) the higher, whose members shall be more particularly
designated Adjutores Legionis or Adjutorians.
There are no age limits in the case of auxiliary membership.

This degree, named the auxiliaries, is the left wing of the
Legion’s praying army. Its service consists in the daily
recitation of the prayers comprised in the Tessera (prayers),
namely: the invocation and prayer of the Holy Spirit; five decades
of the rosary and the invocations which follow them; the Catena;
and the prayers described as “concluding prayers”. These may
be divided throughout the day, as convenient.

This is the right wing of the praying Legion, adjutorian, comprises those
who will (a) recite daily all the prayers of the Tessera and in
addition (b) agree to attend Mass and receive Holy Communion
daily, and to recite daily an Office approved by the Church.

You don’t have to pray the rosay as an active member.

May the most holy Mother of God, and Queen of the Legion, take you under Her mantle and guide your decisions and watch over you:thumbsup::slight_smile:


Ah ok. Thank you so much John! I am going to go back to the praesidium meeting this Tuesday! :thumbsup:

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